Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm changing my name to Cheetah Fine

The Holiday Season is not only upon us, but it's all up-on-us (yeah, that just happened)... thus Livi has taken to wearing a bell necklace and I am now alerted to her presence before she can sneak up on me in the bathroom and scare the living crap out of me (as she absolutely LOVES to do). I love it. It's a lot like the bear-bell that Hannah and Emma got me when we went to Montana. Unfortunately, that bear-bell didn't work and I was mauled by a bear.
That was a lie. I've never been attacked by a bear. Also, never, under any circumstances, Google image-search "bear attack". Trust me.

If there's one thing in the world that I love, it's Arsenal Football Club. If there's another, though, it's movie trailers that provide me with the entire story so that I don't have to waste my money seeing it in theatres. Case-in-point: the trailer for "Leap Year" starring Amy Adams. This is literally the plot (and I'm not making this up): girl wants her boyfriend to propose, but he's not getting it. So, her father suggests she take him to Ireland and, in this oh-so-crazy plot twist, she propose to him, which is some sort of horrible thing that can only be done on February 29 or else the world will explode because of the crazy role-reversal. Or something. Anyway, shit gets crazy and she has to hitch a ride from a totally hot, totally available, totally well-suited-for-her Irish guy. They have a wild time trying to drive his piece of shit car from one end of Ireland to the other, and end up falling in love in a couple days, so that when the trailer ends and Amy Adams is standing in front of her original boyfriend (who, in the course of the movie, got his shit together) who is on one knee proposing, we see her looking longingly at said hot-as-the-day-is-long-Irish dude as if she wishes that they were in yet another role reversal. I am assuming that they end up together, and so should you. And, BAM! Movie.
Get ready for some Irish-themed hi jinx. Or, don't. Cause the entire movie is available on apple trailers.

Also, I'm getting a new compy for Christmas/graduation, so get ready for a blog, live from a mac!

Yeah, I graduated. Crazy... Let me know if you want to read a thesis entitled "naked ladies and why I love them, Attic vases edition"

Dinner is ready, so I gotta cut this short!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Piccatta

Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes, I go three months without posting. Whoops.

When we last talked, I was complaining about my thesis, going through dental procedures, schlepping Liv, and ingesting large amounts of Crystal Light drink mix. Today, I'm complaining about my thesis, going through dental procedures, and schlepping Liv. I've moved on from Crystal Light to Starbucks "Via" instant coffee in an attempt to stay awake for more than 12 hours at a time...
I'm pretty sure it's illegal in Canada

Anyway, in exactly one week from today, my thesis will be turned in and I will be a free woman! I can't believe that my time at Northwestern/college is coming to a close. Scratch that, yes, yes I can. It's been four and a half years and honestly, I'm ready for the next chapter of my life. As you know, I refrain from writing too much about my emotional state of being (it's better for everyone involved, believe you me), but let's leave it at this: I've been in the same place for 22 years and I'm dunzo with the E for a while.
It's been real, homie.

So, where to now? St. Breiuc, France. Three months of living in a sea-side town teaching English to high schoolers who will most likely ridicule me in French and for my inability to understand their idioms (it's like a bowl in a china shop grace!) and my penchant for fringed clothing. Whatever, joke's on them cause FRINGE IS THE TITS!
Oh hey, picturesque French town! What's that? You're super excited for me to be there too? See you on January 21!

In other news, I'm being so fucking stereo-typical right now I might have to kick my own ass: I'm sitting in my favorite independently owned cafe in Evanston, drinking black coffee (I like to put milk and sugar in it but I think that drinking black coffee makes me seem more intellectual. Woof), listening to obscure indie German pop music on, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, and blogging. At least I don't have a moleskine that I'm writing my observations about the world in....that's visible cause it's currently in my timbuk2 shoulder bag.
Excuse me while I run to Whole Foods to buy my Fair Trade lunch and get a new Sigg water bottle in a cool new pattern that lets people know how much I care about the environment while still filling up my SUV's tank every three days. #hipsterfail

Self loathing: now available in Katie! Ready to ship today!

*Transition sentence*. My exam today looms ever-nearer, and I'm still not studying...Harmony has effectively ruined my chances at graduate school, but at least now I can resolve dominant seventh chords! And dear lord if I wasn't thinking just this summer, "wow, I love listening to music, but I want to know if parallel eighths can occur between the soprano and the bass in a typical aria!" Well, now I know the answer: THEY CAN'T. Little known fact: a parallel eighth will create a black hole as well as a break in the space time continuum that can only be mended by pointing out said mistakes on a test (or by the Doctor coming and rescuing me from said test).
The only thing I like about this is that sometimes it has Latin text that I can translate.

A couple Livi-isms** to get you through the day:

** her comments have gone from cute to mean. Observe:
1. "You love vampires so much! Oh my god! I bet you have a shrune [sic] to them in your closet!"
2. Me: I want a boyfriend. Ugh.
Livi: You should just get a cat. That's how it's going to end up anyway. You with a lot of cats.
3. "I bet you've never even kissed a boy!! And family doesn't count!"
4. Me: I have a new crush.
Livi (rolling her eyes): Is he real? Or is this another vampire?


Currently reading: What? What's "reading"?
Currently listening to: Passion Pit radio station on lastfm
Currently craving: Any member of the Chicago Blackhawks to marry me. Have you looked at their roster? Shiiiiiit....

Need a Green card, Niklas? I'd be down to help you out.

Peace, Love, and GRADUATING!

- Blowfish.