Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here's to you, most boring winter break ever

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Nay. I shall compare thee with the WORST PARTY EVER. Because you, oh fickle-weathered friend, are the most boring, non-eventful, lame winter break ever. Since September I've looked forward to you, but you've proved to be worse than a pair of on-sale Cole Haan boots that don't come in my size. Not only have you bombarded me with several snowstorms, but you've also given me days filled with nothing to do but watch Livi play Wii and lament my life. You, sir, are no more a fun party than staring out the window waiting to leave for Miami is.

Monday... Woke up too late --> new bed delivered --> thought about setting up said bed ---> shower --> Chase bank to change in $70 worth of coins --> Micaela's house ---> Ali's house --> North and Division to shop ---> bought some sweet new pumps (see below)---> Michigan Ave ---> bid farewell to Auntie J and Hannah Mary ---> ate some S-dawg---> watcheed the NU Alamo bowl game ---> made a horrendous video to send to the boys in Israel (I looked like a bag of ass. Sorry you had to see that, boys) ---> read some of my Kerouac book --> a little crossword puzzle action ---> watched some more football --> wandered around the house ---> good lord, I'm just going to stop. My day is even boring ME. Woof.

"Ophelie" pump. Beautiful, eh?

Aaaaand Northwestern just lost in overtime to Mizzou. F. We had a great season, though.

Livi quote of the day: (After taking a big swig of Propel "fitness water") "Wow does that taste good after a workout! I was upstairs, doing cartwheels, handstands, all that stuff. I'm sweaty."

"And don't drink Diet Coke when you exercise. It had Carbon Dioxide in it. That will kill you."

I'm feeling quote emo today, so I'm going to try and stay away from talking about anything having to do with anything relating to my personal life. The rants of a whiny 21 year old is the last thing I want to read, so I would imagine that you, my dear and faithful readers, would not want to read about it either. Instead, let's talk about something that is near and dear to my heart: England. For those of you who don't know, when I grow up it is my dearest ambition to be British. Here is my list of how to achieve this goal:

1. Move to England, either for school for because I get job there
2. Meet a hot, smart, and interesting British man
3. Fool man into falling in love with me
4. Marry foolish man
5. Have British babies who will call me "mum" and be named silly things like "Hugh" and "Bernard"

In 5 easy steps, you too can become British!

Step #2
...I would like to point out that it's taken me more than a week to post a picture of Robert Pattinson on this biatch. I think that I deserve a pat on a the back. Or a pat on the ass. By Robert Pattison. ZING!

In case you were hoping otherwise, I'm sorry to inform you that I will NOT be making any New Year's resolutions. While I am more than happy to bid adieu to that shitstorm that was 2008, every time that I make any resolutions I end up breaking them within a week and then feeling guilty and crappy for the next 11 months until I vow to make the same changes that I did the previous year. This year I'm one-upping myself. I'm resolving not to resolve to do anything, therefore anything that I do improve and/or change will be a pleasant surprise. Par example: Katie, circa January 12, 2009, "You only had two Diet Coke's today! WAY TO GO CHAMP!" Now how much better is that than berating myself for having two Diet Coke's when I had "promised" myself that I would have only one? Answer: SO MUCH BETTER!

Shhh, it's OK. I'll never actually be able to quit you.

Thus, we are onto my hero of the day. This one is especially close to my heart, because it is my Aunt Julie. She pretended to be my Aunt Tina on the phone today and totally bitched some dumb-ass parent out...it was heartwarming. Here's to you, Julia Anne Garcia, for being a total bad ass mofo and not taking NOTHIN' from NO ONE!

All the way to the left: She'll fucking kick your ass. No joke.

Currently listening to: Nothing...it's all quiet on the western (Michigan ave) front. Though that will change shortly, and Elliot Smith will be lullaby-ing Gracie and I to sleep
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Before I sign off, if you see this gnome, please DO NOT return it to Julie Garcia. She uses his powers for evil, not for good.

Peace, love, and Jack Kerouc.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm a gamer! Or, FAIL: The story of Christmas

Sorry for my recent absence- the holiday season caused me to be completely and totally bogged down with being lazy. Whomp whomp.

Anyway, let's begin with a list of things that I'm not good at:
1. Cat sitting. I apparently cannot keep it in my head to go to that poor cat's apartment every day and feed her. By the time I get there she is meowing at the door and looks at me with an expression that says, "are you fucking kidding me with this shit Katie? I'M A CAT! I can't feed myself. Get your shit together. Now rub my belly and give me food. And clean up my litter cause it smells." Fail.

2. Wii Winter Sports Skiing. Although, Aunt Pat is worse than me (she fell off it). I can't get my weight to balance as I speed down those icy slopes, and I always end up with the commentators saying things like, "it makes you wonder how she was able to qualify for this event!" and, "the rest of her team must be so disappointed in her!" I'm not kidding. It's like they tap into your fears and make you feel like the biggest loser EVER. Fail.

3. Buying my sister Christmas presents. I bought her a bottle of perfume that she didn't want, and then she had to show me up by buying me a bunch of really awesome gifts. What a hooker. Fail.

...You just can't beat Jack Kerouac, glow necklaces, and Starbucks. Oh, Annie, how you show me up.

Christmas itself was a bundle of cheer though. After getting up at around 8:45 (not too bad considering we have an 11 year-old in the house) and opening presents, Annie, Maxie, Livi, and I retired to the basement to play Wii and X-Box for the rest of the day. It was the best party.

Some notes on Wii:
1. Don't play Livi in Wii Boxing. She will beat you, and then verbally abuse you for the rest of your day (life) about it.
2. Don't try and play any level of MarioKart that has the potential for you to fall off the side of the racetrack unless you are good at MarioKart.
3. Don't play Wii Skiing if you are Pat Garcia (see above). Or me.
4. While it may seem like fun and games, make sure to tighten your Wii remote strap. Someone can and will hit themselves in the face.


Whenever possible, play the game "Mad Gab" with Olivia Garcia Barton. I can't even begin to describe the hilarity of the game itself, let alone when you play it with the comedic timing and genius of Livi.
Hilarity in a box. I should get paid for these endorsements.

X-Box 360 is also SO choice. I highly recommend it.We played for an absurdly long time. DC United vs. Mortal Kombat. I was usually Superman, though I was also Baraka the Mortal Kombat character. He is good cause he can produce swords from unknown cavities in his body, but he sucks cause he drools constantly. Woof.

Looks like Seth. ZING!

One of the most fun options for Day-After-Christmas activities does NOT include going to Woodfield Shopping Center and Ikea. It was a clusterfuck of crying babies, teenage girls giggling over teenage boys, and hot feet. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear Sorel boots whilst shopping. Your feet will burn off and cause you to become ornery and unresponsive. Here is what I got at Ikea, though:

Poang (umlaut missing) chair and ottoman

Hemnes bed. I got a big-girl bed! Woo!

Hero of the Day (Week): This one goes to Dr. Who. I know, I know, I'm a loser and I watch Sci-Fi British programming. But, are you really surprised? No. And he just did a fabulous Christmas episode. TOTALLY RAWSOME!

I'd travel to any galaxy with you, Doctor.

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The delicious-ness knows no boundaries.

Peace, Love, and the Doctor.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I heart Jake dot com

First: 9 a.m playdates should be illegal. Especially on a Monday morning. Who does that? Oh right...my aunts. Fail.

Also, having a playdate with a piano prodigy child thing is not only intimidating but also obnoxious. I can guarantee you that Bach didn't want you playing his shit at your friends' houses the minute you walk into the door. I'm sure Julliard will be excited to hear it, but your friend's tired and bitter nanny sure as shit doesn't want to (OOOH! BURNED!).

Full House* made Annie miss her train this afternoon, so the two girls (Livi and the playdate, whom I shall now refer to as "PD" to keep her good name out of this) and I made a trip into Highland Park. Although I thought that there would be no worse torture than two 11 year old girls making me listen to their gossip and crappy radio for 45 minutes, I was happily mistaken to learn that they had brought the game "Catchphrase" with them in car.

One game to rule them all.

The following is not made up:

Livi: OK! It's like beer, but it's not!
Annie: Wine!
PD: Alcohol!
Livi: No, it's like, not like that, it's like beer
Annie: What?
PD: Wine?
Livi: NO! Ugh, it was Root Beer!
Katie: You're not allowed to use one of the words that's IN the answer...
Livi: Oh, right, OK! It's uhh, it's burning! and it's not liquid, but almost.
Katie: Fire? What?!
Annie: ??

* Full House episode 6, season 2, Beach Boy Bingo: "The Beach Boys are in town and D.J. wins a radio contest where she and a guest can see the Beach Boys in concert. Problem is, Danny, Jesse and Joey want to go and D.J. has to decide who will go with her. When she makes her decision, Danny has hurt feelings because he isn't chosen. Now D.J. is upset because of that and she doesn't know what to do." - IMDB ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0584108/ )

Awkward for everyone...but mostly them.

Highland Park ---> Corner Bakery ---> Michigan Ave --> Dropping off PD ---> dropping Livi off at hockey/friend's house ---> Getting car stuck in snow at said friend's house ---> Dundee rd. to drop off legal documents (I'm important) ---> Picked up "douchebag mcgee" aka Pax Tubin --> Uncle Dan's ---> Dick's Sporting goods---> Glencoe Metra Station ---> Sheridan Rd. ---> Crate & Barrell ---> Best Buy ---> Sheridan rd. ---> Michigan ave.

I. am. le. tired.

However, DAA BEARS! Beat the Packers tonight, 20-17. The game wans't without it's flaws, but we pulled it out. BEAR DOWN!!!!!

Wham bam thank you ma'am.

You know what really grinds my gears? THE GARCIA FAMILY'S INABILITY TO PLAN CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! I know it's been a tough couple of weeks...DUH. But if we aren't together someone is going to get beat up, and her name is Tina Garcia. And her Worst Party Ride* will also bear the brunt of my anger. Please, can we please please please just be together? Yes? OK great. Thanks.

* while Tina requested to have her Worst Party Ride's name changed back to "Sweet Ride", I have to deny that request for the sake of the truth. I don't want to get sued for libel. The truth hurts, but I still want my new sweet tat. Love you Teenie!

Moving on to today's hero of the day: It was a tough decision given the heroic nature of the holiday season. However, I have decided on Jacob Isaiah Rubin for his efforts in making my life a better place through his manliness (farting constantly and claiming to not be able to keep them in cause it "hurts his insides") and dedication to awesome.

Conan the Barbarian ain't got nothing on you
(Maybe if you hadn't called me a Communist it would be you. Now stop licking my hand, you horse's ass)

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Peace, love, and Funk Fraimingham.


Monday, December 22, 2008

More like Borophil...

Sundays are usually the worst days- the impending doom of the upcoming week generally clouds my day with grumpiness, but today wasn't so bad. Waking up with Maggie and Micaela next to you makes any day great (*no homo...ok totally homo).

Oh WAIT here's a rundown of Saturday:

Slept till 12 --> did absolutely nothing (i.e drank diet coke and played jewel quest for like eighteen hours) --> took Annie to work --> Bill's apartment to feed the cat (Miranda) --> got ready to go out --> dinner at Lulu's with Alex (see: hero of the day, Thursday December 18, 2008)--> Maggie's for wine with the girls --> Matt's holiday party ---> Maggie's house for sleeping.

All in all, a totally successful day of being a slug and not accomplishing more than beating a new level in Jewel Quest (I'm now in "Templo del Fuego").

However, Aunt Pat got me a new piece of flair for my room!

Yep. It's some sort of golden cherub lamp. I. LOVE. IT.

Sunday morning made me happy:
+ = love. (read: I'm a tool, and I embrace that)

Christmas shopping with Maxie --> Picked up Annie ---> Lisa's house for Hannukah dinner

The most epic fail EVER happened today whilst at Old Orchard. It went as follows:

The Place

The culprit (ish)

The accomplice

Max and I walked into Williams Sonoma. It was super crowded, and the floor is really slippery (I'm sure you can see where this is going)- legit an ice rink. People were slipping all over the place. Picture this: I'm wearing jeans, my giant Sorel boots, my brown puffy coat, and holding three bags full of presents. I asked a salesman a question about cutting boards, and begin to follow him through the store. Then, it happens. I feel myself slipping, and I try to grab something to hold onto, but instead I pulled a box of peppermint cream cookies down with me as I totally and completely ate shit in front of the entire store. my bags spilled out, and I just sort of laid there wondering if I had actually fallen or if I was hallucinating. Then I heard, "ARE YOU OK? OH MY GOD!" And several people ran over to help me. Mr. Max Aaron Berman stood about twenty feet in front of me (he was moving more quickly through the store than I was) and was literally just staring at me like, "are you serious right now, Kate? GET UP." People helped me up and I gathered my bags, sort of looked at what we were originally looking for, and then I hightailed it out of there, minus my dignity. EPIC. FAIL.

Anyway, here's my hero of the weekend: For overwhelming courage and humor in the face of adversity, as well as generally being a hot ass/saucy biatch, my hero of the weekend goes, posthumously, to Ms. Estelle Getty.

You were the best part of the show, Sophia.

And for good measure, here's a Livi quote of the day:
" Jordan works for Glaboyavitch?"

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Currently craving: My new tattoo!!! I want it sooooo badly...

Also, Aunt Tina's "sweet ride" has been demoted to Aunt Tina's "worst party ride".

Peace, love, and sweet tats.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Sing-A-Longs and Shabbat

First, let me open with a thought: one of the definitions of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Ponder that for a while.

We'll start with yesterday (Thursday): 7 a.m wakeup call, then headed to the kitchen to make lunch and Liv's breaky, but Aunt Pat beat me to the punch. The lunch was made; breaky was being scrambled; and the rice was being steamed. Yes, a giant rice-cooker full of rice, at 7 a.m.

...for those of you who don't know Livi, one of her favorite foods is white rice drenched in soy sauce. It's pretty much her raison d'etre. So, Aunt Pat wanted to have some white rice on hand. Why not make it first thing in the morning? It's the international rice-time, dont'cha know?

I also had to take Manny to the groomer, so the three of us piled into my sweet ride and trudged out into the blinding sunlight of Thursday morning.

A quick side note: Tina Garcia has officially thrown down the gauntlet. She said that, and I quote, "my sweet ride could kick your sweet ride's ass". This statement is not only false, but it's also ludicrous. Her Rav4 couldn't kick an '87 Buick LeSabre's ass let alone my beautiful Tucson's. Tina, go back to clown college and get back to me when you're done being stupid.
I heard a Rav4 once lost a race to my Nana. She doesn't have any legs.

Anyway, back to sleep -->up to get Manny -->moved some stuff from my mom's to Aunt Pat's --> important phone call from Aunt Julie B

I strapped the videocamera carrying case to my back and made a break for Baker. Because I was in a hurry, I didn't have time to change. Picture this: Ugg slippers, black leggings, a long pink zip-up hoodie, a DG shirt, a knit hat, giant sunglasses, and my down coat running up Maple from my parking space about twelve blocks from the school. Only one word can describe this look: glory.
I prepared a rough sketch of what I looked like.

To make a long story short, I video taped Livi's actually really cute and fun holiday sing concert (focusing only about 60% on Liv, the rest on her hot science teacher), then spent the rest of the day futsing around with Max and eating sushi.

Friday was fabulous due to the premature calling of a snow day that was not really necessary. Thus, Livi was out with her friends all day, and I had the day off!

Woke up --> diet coke --> Jewel Quest --> Phone with Funk Fraimingham --> beating up Max for a while --> Uncle Mush's house ---> Superdawg ---> driving ---> SPAC ---> Nordstrom ---> shower ---> Shabbat with the Rubin's

Nordstrom: purchase of some sweet winter boots!

Shabbat at the Rubin's was very nice, then I went to Ben's house for a little chat/hang out/loving. The lack of Livi quotes on this post is both embarrassing and shameful. I hope for future posts chock full of her wisdom.

Hero(es) of the Day (s)!!

Thursday's award goes to Mr. Alex Franks for being such a great friend and helping me schlep boxes from one house to another. You are a champion among men.

A hero rocks red wayfarers.

Friday's hero is none other than Mr. George Carlin. Not only did he make me laugh so hard that I once peed a little, but I also found out only today that he died. (Epic failure on my part). He was truly a hero of comedy (and of awesome).

You will always be my favorite Shining Time Station conductor.

Currently listening to: Mazzy Star
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Currently craving: Diet Coke (too lazy to go downstairs)

Only 5 days till the Doctor Who Christmas special!

Peace, love, and The Doctor.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm getting a three-armed sweater for Christmas

Wednesdays, you are the WORST party. You can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at 6:45 a.m there is no light. Anywhere...

A cut up apple and peanut butter is perfectly acceptable breaky, right? Peanut butter sandwich, strawberries, watermelon flavored applesauce, and trail mix for Miss Liv's lunch today. I'm becoming quite the speed lunch maker!! When my classes start up in January Livi and I are going to have to have a talk about how she will have to make her lunch in the morning, remember to brush her hair and teeth, and maybe even make her own breaky all on her own. Scary, I know, but totally necessary. I'm super busy and important and don't have time for things like making lunches.

Back to bed...up at a perfectly unreasonable hour. I can't even write what time I dragged myself out of bed again, so let's pretend that it was at 9:30 and I spent all morning cleaning and bettering the world via tree planting, recycling shit, etc. (Phew! What a busy morning!)

After all that productiveness, I made a healthy lunch of nachos and chatted to Aunt Julie about absolutely nothing for a while. Scratch that, we talked about her lack of having to pee; my e-mail back from Christie's auction house (!!!!); Christmas presents for her children; and how my stomach hurt from eating nachos for breaky (lunch). I miss having her around at my disposal...though Livi and I are planning a road trip to Fond du Lac around Sunday or Monday, so that should not only provide me an Aunt Julie/Eric fix, but also provide plenty of quotable Livi material.

<--- photo courtesy of epodunk.com. I shit you not.

I'm unabashadly in love with this man

Shower (thank goodness. It had been too long)--> Maggie's house ---> DSW on an unsuccessful winter boot finding mission ---> ULTA ---> Baker ---> Bat 17 for some delicious food with Annie ---> my mom's house ---> 724 Michigan

Here's today's Livi convo:

Katie: I got Annie a really good christmas present today!
Livi: I'm going to make you a three armed sweater for Christmas.
Katie: What?
Livi: Yeah, two arms for your arms, and one for this *points to my chin*.
Katie: Are you pointing out that I have a big pimple?
Livi: No, I was just trying to diss you and it didn't work.
Katie: That's cause I'm too cool to diss
Livi: No, it's cause I messed it up. You're easy to diss.

After another stimulating day of driving around in my sweet ride (suck on that one Aunt Tina), I finally returned home with Livi who promptly took off her shoes and wet socks and left them in the middle of the floor. Then, with her coat still on, she laid herself down on the middle of the kitchen floor and yelled things at me. Then she got up, poured herself a glass of water and put a candy cane in it to make mint water. No. Joke. She tried to make me try it but I refused. Melted candy cane water is not my idea of delicious.

= My idea of delicious.

I then went to the Heartland Cafe to have a beer with one of my professors who I'm catsitting for. Hopefully the cat, named Miranda (meaning one who must be adored in Latin), will provide more blogg-a-licious material.

I also decided today that I want to have a mortal enemy/arch nemesis. I mentioned this to Liv, who had this to say on the subject:
"Awesome! I have three mortal enemies. You can have one of mine."

I was super excited, until I did a google search and found out that other people have already had this idea:
This Leroy McAllister character stole all my thunder. But, nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that I will be accepting applications to become my arch nemesis/mortal enemy. Please limit your personal statements to a page, and include an "evil C.V" with all applications.

Moving on to my hero of the day! The Hero of the Day for Wednesday, December 17, 2008 is: Beau Biden (Joe Biden's son). His overall hotness and service to his country is heroic enough for an entire MONTH of Hero!

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Peace, Love, and the Bidens.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Legwarmers all around!

Day two! My first lesson: waking up at 7 a.m after going to sleep at about 3 a.m really sucks- I'm really going to try not to do that anymore. Made Livi a lunch, only to find out that Aunt Pat had already made her one...lame. She wanted waffles for breaky, so it was done. Took her to school before the snow started, and was back in bed by 8:22 a.m. I was planning on re-waking up relatively early to get a good start on the day and I was planning on going shopping with Lou, but I ended up sleeping until 12:47 p.m. Epic fail.

Stumbling down the stairs at quarter to one in the afternoon cursing your life is NOT a productive way to start the day. That coupled with the snow storm that was brewing was grounds for me to give up on the day and crawl back into bed, but I nevertheless perservered and heated up left over Mount Everest (palak paneer) and watched Sabrina, The Teenage Witch for an hour (yeah, that actually happened).
Sabrina: the result of a lazy nanny...

Finally, I got myself together and left the house to go and drop off the dry cleaning and meet Mags and Harrison for a quick bite to eat at Cross Rhodes. If you have never had this delicious cuisine, I highly suggest you try it.
Cross Rhodes: A Restaurant. Located at 913 Chicago Avenue, Evanston Illinois 60202.

I had a cheese pita and some Greek fries. Delicious? Definitely. Healthy? No. Worth it? YES.

Maggie and I then headed to Baker to pick livi up from school, and then to ETHS to grab Asher (the third Stamell child). As always, here is a snipped of our conversation:

Katie: Yesterday we had a music lesson, didn't we Livi?
Livi: Yeah! I learned about three bands.
Maggie: Yeah, I'm sure you did...Led Zeppelin?
Livi: Yeah, and Pink Fluffy someone.
Katie: Floyd. Pink Floyd.
Livi: OK, and they have an album called "The Wall" and they made a movie out of it. I can't remember the third one though.
Katie: The Rolling Stones. Very important in the history of Rocking.
Maggie: What about The Police? Do you know them?
Livi: Yeah! Sending out an SOS!!
Maggie: Hell yes!

...that is NOT grounds for Maggie to take me to another Sting concert.

= Rock Gods. Livi's formal music education has begun.

ETHS --> 1138 Judson --> 724 Michigan --> Piano Lesson --> home

Not too much running around today. Mondays are the worst for that.

Maggie and I lazed around for a while, I played Jewel Quest:

I absolutely love questing. It's the best party.

Maggie and I decided to do something with our lives after Mommy Julie came home and relieved me from my duties, so we went to Chili's for diner (we're so classy) and then went to Urban Outfitters where I proceeded to spend money not on anyone else, but only on myself. Epic Fail of the day #2. Oh well. I bought more legwarmers.... (True Life: I love legwarmers and how they make me feel warm and happy...though Grace is still in denial gracegclarke (10:49:47 PM): i hope, though, at that point [when we're 80], youre able to laugh at your legwarmers), and I bought a sweet vest:
totally on sale and totally delicious. I shall call her "Sasha" and she shall be worn on special occasions, like when I'm feeling saucy (for Sasha).

I also bought this amazing headband. Good lord am I stylish and exciting! Hannah Mary, that headband is for you...And Aunt Tina, please don't be mad at me I'm not going crazy shopping but I thought that I deserved a little something pretty damnit!


Currently listening to: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack
Currently reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 4 (almost done!)
Currently craving: my girls and I to be reunited...

Nothing beats the love between girls who have been friends for eight years!!

Now, a final couple of thoughts:

1) Rachel Hirsch is my hero for the day, prompting me to create a new daily feature: HERO OF THE DAY! Congratulations to Rachel on being the first ever recipient of this prestigious award.


2) Vampires. I'm still not over it...awkward.

Peace, love, and Paris Hilton,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This one's for you, Gracie: Bopits and my first day

To begin with, I am completely against blogging. However, I have to obey Grace because I fear her. So, here it is...

(reaction from Mags about my new blogger status:
SpongeMag (6:51:07 PM): i'm going to start one, about how you're a loser)

Today was my first day of being a nanny to Miss Livi. Waking up at 7 am is something I will have to get used to, but today wasn't too bad. I made her scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese for breaky (I wish I were British so badly), and even made her lunch (peanut butter on white bread, strawberries, and a cookie. Perfectly balanced?). We rocked out to Snow Patrol on the ride to school, and I informed Liv that she "will not be allowed to listen to crappy music on my watch". That includes, but is not limited to, The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana (Miley is OK), or any of those other Disney Channel tool bags that make my soul hurt.

Anyway, after dropping my little nugget of hilarity off at Baker I returned home to my still-warm bed, texted Gracie, and went back to sleep (my favorite pasttime).

I let myself sleep way too long, but I've been so tired these days that I just don't care (Whenever I say such emo things like that I always think of the song from "Evita" Don't Cry for Me Argentinaaaaa!!!). I got up, showered, and took off to go hunt down the dry cleaners that currently have my aunt's clothing- that's right, we don't know which one. There are over 50 dry cleaners in the Evanston/Skokie area. I gave up after three and decided just to wait until we could call whoever dropped the stuff off in the first place. Epic fail of the day number one: falling on my ass outside of the Starbucks on Chicago and Dempster. Luckily, I had not yet ordered my venti skinny vanilla latte.

Bank --> Lisa' house to drop off Beef Stew--> Civic Center to inquire about getting a second garbage --> Barnes and Noble --> LuluLemon --> Baker to get Liv --> Lake Forest for a voice lesson (Liv's, not mine, obvi) --> back to Michigan Ave.

Bought some sweetass leg warmers at LuluLemon, which I will never regret no matter what Grace or Livi say about how stupid I look in them...
(but brownish purple)

A sample conversation on the way to Livi's lesson:
(we're stopped at a light en route to 94/Edens)
Livi: If you're ever caught under a car, grab one of the pipes and pull it out.
Katie: Why would you be under a car?
Livi: You know, if you were ever being chased by someone who was trying to run you over.
Katie: So, you should hit the deck before the car hits you, then while under the car, you pull out a pipe...
Livi: I guess that's how you'd do it. But you'd pull out the pipe out to stop the car. Your back would get scratched, but it'd be worth it. You'd be alive.
Katie: Why is someone chasing you with a car?
Livi: I don't know. My friend's friend got chased by a car in LA! She had to run away and then the guy in the car was wearing a black mask and then she rolled under the car, pulled out a pipe, and layed there for like, three hours. Then she came out, and NO ONE WAS IN THE CAR!

You can't make that shit up. It's golden.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get some fries and Diet Coke (my lifesource). Livi LOVES Wendy's. It's the only fast food she'll eat. I'm not sure why it's the only place she likes, but she goes nuts for that stuff.

Epic Fail #2 for the day: Falling as I was getting out of the car and getting my new leg warmers wet. Grace, they are NOT ugly.

Currently: watching "Chicken Little" and hoping that Sammi wasn't lying about that "Team Katie" tee-shirt. If there's one thing I've learned from that little situation which shall not be named, it's that you can't trust people who don't offer any of themselves to you. You'll just be disappointed.

In an interesting conversation with my Aunt Julie, I was reminded of several things:
1) My cousin Will is a DOUCHE and I will ill him for his insolence!
julieinfdl (6:42:15 PM): there are ppl who fight katie to pay for their tuition
julieinfdl (6:42:20 PM): bitch
julieinfdl (6:42:29 PM): ew that was none other than willie

2) Bopits were the best/most horrible toys EVER. It would suck you in and let you out five hours later a broken, stupider human being with sore hands.

BopIt: The Devil.

Currently listening to: Andrew Bird's new album courtesy of Alex. SO AMAZING!
Currently reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 4/ The Brother's Karamazov
Currently wanting really badly: Christian Louboutin "Trottinette" ankle boots


Well, Maggie is coming over for some quality time with ME!

Peace, love, and shoes.