Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You look like Fred from Scooby-Doo

First day of Spring Quarter = last spring quarter at NU...weird.

List of fails for the day:

1. Fell walking in the parking lot, while on the phone with Auntie J. Total wipe out.
2. When Frau Meuser asked who liked Nutella (our new unit in Deutsch is about food), I, quite literally, shouted "JA!!". No one else made a sound.
3. I worked out too hard yesterday and now cannot move in fluid motions because my legs are weak and angry with me, so I fell up the stairs. Twice.
4. Forgot to look up where my class was, so I sat in my car for a good ten minutes debating what to do, thereby wasting valuable time that could've been spent running over to the library and looking it up on one of their computers. Rawsome.

Caution: Katie Fail!

The highlight of my day came during my English class (Renaissance Travel Literature). I walked into a silent classroom, greeted only by the awkwardly loud ticking of the clock and the awkwardly long stares of the two other kids already in their seats. When I looked back at the already-seated-students, I literally did a double take - there was a kid wearing an ascot. And not just any ascot, a bright pink ascot. Folded nicely into his white oxford shirt. And jeans. And loafers. With no socks. And perfectly tousled brown, wavy hair. And brown leather man-bag at his side.

(Courtesy of Etsy.com)
Above: Ascot. Buzz words: debonair; suave; old man; not-to-be-worn-with-jeans or past 1972

When taking attendance, the professor called out the name "Joseph". Said ascot-wearing-boy/man said, "yes, but I go by Beau. B-E-A-U." He then proceeded throughout lecture to interject things at random times, like when we were going over a basic timeline he said, "EEYYYY!" (like The Fonz) when the professor mentioned Vasco deGama. Not sure why.

Did not wear an Ascot. Also, was not a renaissance explorer.

Livi got a mouse, which she named "Brain". He will be used in her science experiment and then taken back to the pet store, most likely to be fed to the snakes. Gross. I'm pretty sure that as we speak Dusty out back planning how to kill the mouse and then frame me for Brain's murder. A worthy opponent indeed.

I'm back on the Twitter. Woof.

Hero of the day: The old 20-dollar bill. I got one at the bank today, and it really brightened things up. It reminded me of a simpler, less "economic crisis" and more "economic prosperity" of a time.

Oh Andrew Jackson. You were a racist, horrible, smelly man, but boy howdy did you know how to sit for a portrait.

Currently reading: Candide by Voltaire
Currently listening to: Funeral by The Arcade Fire
Currently craving: Nutella

It's like buttah, only bettah

Peace, love, and hazelnut.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cool Times

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of postings - spring break is officially "over" (I guess we have the weekend, but that doesn't count cause it only serves as a reminder of what is to come: spring quarter), so I have no excuse but to hop back in the saddle.

Not for me though, as I am allergic to horses...

Interlull = no Arsenal = Katie is grumpy. Blerg.

My new raison d'etre: people watching in airports. I decided to fly in and out of MacArthur airport in beautiful Long Island, New York, to save money. This provided me with ample time to observe the social structure and accents of our neighbours to the north east, and, woof. Not to offend anyone, but I'm going to offend, I'm sure, as I recount the ridiculous nature of Long Islanders (as Livi would say, "No offense, but ________" and then proceeds to point out a fatal flaw about my appearance/life):
- everyone seems to know everyone else, i.e this: "Hey! Johnny! I haven't seen ya since, what, '87?! How the hell are you? Are you still in the candy business?"
- Long Island accents are probably the most abrasive sounds I've ever heard coming from a human (my own Chicago accent not withstanding, so shut it).
- Tanning salons are apparently not only in vogue, but a prerequisite for life, as most women I saw were an orange-ish/salmon colour
- As much jewelry as will fit onto one's arm will be put there, resulting in a clinking noise every time someone moves (men and women are included in this)
- Hair spray: ozone depletion can be directly traced back to this area

Islip: is it a town? Or, is it an inside joke between me and Long Island?

Although, as Hugh Grant remarked in the timeless film Love, Actually, an airport is one of the happiest places on earth - love is oozing all around us as we embark on various journeys to see loved ones/meet loved ones/fall in love. Unless you're leaving a great vacation to go back to the monotony of regular life, in which case it is one of the crappiest places to be.

In other news, I heart New York. It's a great place to visit, full of taxis, shopping, museums, nightlife, and a crapload of people all going in the opposite direction that you are. And everyone can tell you're a tourist. And, everyone in New York is infinitely cooler than I am. I thought I was cool with my Frye boots and over sized sunglasses, but, alas, I am not. New Yorkers are tragically hip - awesomely coloured Dunks are as common as a Duane Reade, and my sweet plaid shirts are outdone at every turn by Wayfarers and ankle boots.


Kittens are nature's way of reminding me of my immortality: www.cutethingsfallingasleep.org

Hero of the day/week/month: Red Wine, preferably a Syrah from the Russian River Valley. You have gotten me through many a dinner, study session, morning (don't judge me), and without you I do not know how I would function.

I want to go to there

Currently reading: Empire Falls by Richard Russo
Currently listening to: Jeff Buckley
Currently craving: a EuroRail pass and unlimited funds

Who's with me?!

Peace, Love, and Europe.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live from New York....

It's Katie and Grace, taking over the city! More later, but this is mainly for the aunties to let them know that we're here, we're safe, and we're having a great time.

dinner with Yoni and Zach Baum at Soho Park

going to meet up with Zach at his apartment, and then we'll see where the night takes us... 

peace, love, and the big apple.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I got new sneakers - my shirt is definitely coming off

Oh, don't you worry my precious readers, not mine. That is a direct quote from the one and only bsto - blogger, confidant, all around shirtless wonder.

Arsenal 2-1 Hull. I sort of hope that Fabregas did spit at the assistant manager for Hull, cause yes, that IS what our club is all about Phil Brown. You got it right on the nose.

Things That Didn't Happen at Yesterday's Game, for $400 please Alex.
The only thing I'm upset about is that I wasn't on the field to roll around in Cesc Fabregas' spit...sadly, I'm not joking.

Good. Lord.

Speaking of Jeopardy, I had a dream last night that I was on the show, but for some reason I had already played in "Final Jeopardy" so I wasn't allowed to compete in the last round. I was very upset, but the question was about something that I wouldn't be able to answer anyway. Then, I woke up and went back to sleep after taking El Livi to school, and had a dream about the Jonas Brothers. They were supposed to play a show in Evanston or something, and it was canceled, so they were trying to teach me how to play to the guitar. And then we went to a Bears game. Cause obviously, when you can't play a show, then you teach Katie how to be musical and take in a sporting event.

New York in three days! Separating me from this much-needed vacation:
- a paper due tonight at midnight
- a paper due Friday (almost done)
- an exam in Cultural Anthro on Friday

...sooooooo close to being done with this horrid quarter.

I am starting a tee-shirt making business. And by business, I mean I ordered some felt letters and I'm ironing them onto shirts to create ironic and witty fashions. Rawsome.

Final Jeopardy category for today? Elvis Presley

I don't remember the rest, but your mother's a whore

Currently reading: Visions of the Past (my anthro text. woof.)
Currently listening to: Genius playlist based on "Evil Urges" by My Morning Jacket
Currently craving: for Liv and her friend to please, please be a little quieter. Good lord those girls can shout.

peace, love, and silence.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Procrastination Nation

I can't concentrate. This could be due to (and I have an inkling that I'm correct) the fact that I've consumed about 12 diet cokes today. I'm an addict, and yes, I'm concerned for my well being and yes, I've considered quitting. But lay off me, I'm STARVING. I've discovered a woman who shares my enthusiasm for Diet Coke, and her name is Natalie Dee, and she is fucking wonderful and awesome.


this gem is called, "a gallon of diet coke straight to the dome"

paper writing playlist:
My Morning Jacket Evil Urges
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde
M83 Saturdays = Youth
Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
Girl Talk Feed the Animals
Daft Punk Discovery

Let's hope my next post begins with, "welp, I finished one!"


Friday, March 13, 2009


I have finals. I have two papers to write. I have an exam to study for. I have lost my will to live. More soon. I apologize.

good point.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

fuck you, Tuesday

In case you missed it, I'm in a crap-tastic mood today. This is due to:
1. Crafting
2. German homework
3. the Movie Serenity
...all have banded together to keep me awake until 1:45 a.m. I'm pretty sure Dusty orchestrated that shit parade. His newest tactic in ruining my life? Sitting next to my computer and trying to bite my fingers while I type. Well played, sir. The game is certainly afoot.


Crafting is my new raison d'etre. And by "crafting" I mean destroying my clothing in creative ways. For instance, I spent four hours "shredding" a tee-shirt last night...
How to shred a tee-shit:
1. Take a tee shirt and cut off the hem
2. pull at the little threads that hold the shirt together
3. Keep pulling at them until you create a crazy ripped-looking/all around bad-ass article of clothing

This takes FOREVER but the results are rawsome

I've been inspired to create tons of crap like this, so stay tuned for updates of how I have further messed up my wardrobe via silly projects. But it does make me feel productive(ish).

Class is starting. More Later?


Monday, March 2, 2009

Arsenal = FML

What do you want to be when you grow up?
1. a cat
2. a professor of art history
3. a cat
4. a museum curator
5. a cat
6. a museum curating professing cat

Cats get to sleep whenever they want. I'm tired. It sounds good to me. Although, I suppose that if I were a career-oriented cat then it would be different cause then I couldn't sleep for nearly as long as I'd like to.

I need a diet coke.

The Harpers have a foreign exchange student

This weekend has been a total and complete shitshow of crazy...

Friday night: tacky 80's with E.J. and then Matt's party (still costumed, of course) --> got home at 2 a.m and decided it was the best time to crawl on top of Aunt Tina. Awkward. For everyone.

Saturday: In a feat of revenge I would think only Dusty capable of, Aunt Tina woke me up by crawling on top of me and demanding that I wake up--> Set up for Ms. Liv's 12th birthday bash (More on that later) --> ran errands with the aunts --> celebrated Liv's birthday --> Murphy's Bleachers for Max's friend's birthday party

Sunday: Woke up in true epic fail style to the sounds of 12 year old girls running around at 8 a.m. -->Highland Park for brunch --> Target --> ate leftover tacos--> blog

I've decided that Sundays are the world's way shitting of on my weekend/life. The anticipation of the upcoming week overshadows the fact that I have the day off and creates an annoying air of anxiety and laziness. FML.

Sunday by Edward Hopper...pretty much sums up how I feel about the day: tired, lonely, and with the urge to put on those arm garter things and contemplate life.

So...Livi's party. "Taco Party". I shit you not, that is what her theme was. The Taco Party...If you're asking, "but Katie, what is a taco party?", then here is your answer:
9 12-year old girls + Jarritos beverages + taco-making ingredients + my aunts + max + seth - volume control - sanity = taco party.

they should invent a flavor called "rawsome" and it'll taste like happiness and rainbows

(random side note: the song "Sunday" by Moby just came on my Pandora)

Aunt Pat: What're your plans for tonight?
Max: I think we're going to my buddy's party downtown.
Aunt Pat: How'd you like me to pay for your night on the town?
Katie: What do we have to do?
Aunt Pat: Supervise a couple games and the YouTube portion of the party?
Max and Katie: yeah. sure...

...poor decision. Poor, poor decision.

First up: supervise charades. I literally think that I am now slightly deaf. The amount of shouting and screaming that went on...good lord I can't even think about it. It's like some sort of massacre... and then the YouTube portion of the party happened in which Aunt Pat set up her computer to be transmitted through the TV and the girls watched videos for a good hour. David After Dentist, Fred, Twilight, etc. There are no words for it. So I'm not really going to try.

Livi-ism of the day: "Did you hear that guy suicided himself?"

American Apparel models scare/intimidate me.

It's not like I won't spend my money there (cause I sure will), but it makes me uncomfortable to be judged by this lady (and yes, she is judging me.)

"I think you're either going to live in Chicago or somewhere in Europe. You're not going to spend your life in any other part of the country." -Max
...that quote prompted me to think long and hard about what I like and dislike about Chicago/Evanston...and whether or not I really want to spend the rest of my days in the Midwest? And is that really the vibe I give off? Midwestern to the core?
1. the summertime here and everything associated with it- the beaches, lake Michigan, watching sunsets against the Chicago skyline
2. the fall
3. The Midwest way of life- fast paced yet relaxed..? is that it? Either way...
4. The Cubs
5. Sheridan road/Lake Shore Drive

1. Winter
2. Snow
3. Cold

I think I'm Chicago to the core.

Who can say no to that?!

Hero of the day: Tina Garcia. Not only cause she asked me to, but because she had to put up with me crawling all over her at 2 a.m. and somehow still loves me.

Can you find the creeper in the background?

Currently reading: Empire Falls by Richard Russo
Currently listening to: Pandora radio based on "Royksopp"
Currently craving: NYC and GGC

APPLICATION DENIED, BITCH! And "skilled at alchemy" is erroneous due to the fact that you're a liar.

Peace, love, and spring break.