Monday, March 2, 2009

The Harpers have a foreign exchange student

This weekend has been a total and complete shitshow of crazy...

Friday night: tacky 80's with E.J. and then Matt's party (still costumed, of course) --> got home at 2 a.m and decided it was the best time to crawl on top of Aunt Tina. Awkward. For everyone.

Saturday: In a feat of revenge I would think only Dusty capable of, Aunt Tina woke me up by crawling on top of me and demanding that I wake up--> Set up for Ms. Liv's 12th birthday bash (More on that later) --> ran errands with the aunts --> celebrated Liv's birthday --> Murphy's Bleachers for Max's friend's birthday party

Sunday: Woke up in true epic fail style to the sounds of 12 year old girls running around at 8 a.m. -->Highland Park for brunch --> Target --> ate leftover tacos--> blog

I've decided that Sundays are the world's way shitting of on my weekend/life. The anticipation of the upcoming week overshadows the fact that I have the day off and creates an annoying air of anxiety and laziness. FML.

Sunday by Edward Hopper...pretty much sums up how I feel about the day: tired, lonely, and with the urge to put on those arm garter things and contemplate life.

So...Livi's party. "Taco Party". I shit you not, that is what her theme was. The Taco Party...If you're asking, "but Katie, what is a taco party?", then here is your answer:
9 12-year old girls + Jarritos beverages + taco-making ingredients + my aunts + max + seth - volume control - sanity = taco party.

they should invent a flavor called "rawsome" and it'll taste like happiness and rainbows

(random side note: the song "Sunday" by Moby just came on my Pandora)

Aunt Pat: What're your plans for tonight?
Max: I think we're going to my buddy's party downtown.
Aunt Pat: How'd you like me to pay for your night on the town?
Katie: What do we have to do?
Aunt Pat: Supervise a couple games and the YouTube portion of the party?
Max and Katie: yeah. sure...

...poor decision. Poor, poor decision.

First up: supervise charades. I literally think that I am now slightly deaf. The amount of shouting and screaming that went on...good lord I can't even think about it. It's like some sort of massacre... and then the YouTube portion of the party happened in which Aunt Pat set up her computer to be transmitted through the TV and the girls watched videos for a good hour. David After Dentist, Fred, Twilight, etc. There are no words for it. So I'm not really going to try.

Livi-ism of the day: "Did you hear that guy suicided himself?"

American Apparel models scare/intimidate me.

It's not like I won't spend my money there (cause I sure will), but it makes me uncomfortable to be judged by this lady (and yes, she is judging me.)

"I think you're either going to live in Chicago or somewhere in Europe. You're not going to spend your life in any other part of the country." -Max
...that quote prompted me to think long and hard about what I like and dislike about Chicago/Evanston...and whether or not I really want to spend the rest of my days in the Midwest? And is that really the vibe I give off? Midwestern to the core?
1. the summertime here and everything associated with it- the beaches, lake Michigan, watching sunsets against the Chicago skyline
2. the fall
3. The Midwest way of life- fast paced yet relaxed..? is that it? Either way...
4. The Cubs
5. Sheridan road/Lake Shore Drive

1. Winter
2. Snow
3. Cold

I think I'm Chicago to the core.

Who can say no to that?!

Hero of the day: Tina Garcia. Not only cause she asked me to, but because she had to put up with me crawling all over her at 2 a.m. and somehow still loves me.

Can you find the creeper in the background?

Currently reading: Empire Falls by Richard Russo
Currently listening to: Pandora radio based on "Royksopp"
Currently craving: NYC and GGC

APPLICATION DENIED, BITCH! And "skilled at alchemy" is erroneous due to the fact that you're a liar.

Peace, love, and spring break.



  1. these posts are as time consuming and epic as a bill simmons post. that's a good thing. i think.

  2. hero of the day = me = yeah!!

  3. um.. so my feelings are a little trampled on right now.