Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cool Times

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of postings - spring break is officially "over" (I guess we have the weekend, but that doesn't count cause it only serves as a reminder of what is to come: spring quarter), so I have no excuse but to hop back in the saddle.

Not for me though, as I am allergic to horses...

Interlull = no Arsenal = Katie is grumpy. Blerg.

My new raison d'etre: people watching in airports. I decided to fly in and out of MacArthur airport in beautiful Long Island, New York, to save money. This provided me with ample time to observe the social structure and accents of our neighbours to the north east, and, woof. Not to offend anyone, but I'm going to offend, I'm sure, as I recount the ridiculous nature of Long Islanders (as Livi would say, "No offense, but ________" and then proceeds to point out a fatal flaw about my appearance/life):
- everyone seems to know everyone else, i.e this: "Hey! Johnny! I haven't seen ya since, what, '87?! How the hell are you? Are you still in the candy business?"
- Long Island accents are probably the most abrasive sounds I've ever heard coming from a human (my own Chicago accent not withstanding, so shut it).
- Tanning salons are apparently not only in vogue, but a prerequisite for life, as most women I saw were an orange-ish/salmon colour
- As much jewelry as will fit onto one's arm will be put there, resulting in a clinking noise every time someone moves (men and women are included in this)
- Hair spray: ozone depletion can be directly traced back to this area

Islip: is it a town? Or, is it an inside joke between me and Long Island?

Although, as Hugh Grant remarked in the timeless film Love, Actually, an airport is one of the happiest places on earth - love is oozing all around us as we embark on various journeys to see loved ones/meet loved ones/fall in love. Unless you're leaving a great vacation to go back to the monotony of regular life, in which case it is one of the crappiest places to be.

In other news, I heart New York. It's a great place to visit, full of taxis, shopping, museums, nightlife, and a crapload of people all going in the opposite direction that you are. And everyone can tell you're a tourist. And, everyone in New York is infinitely cooler than I am. I thought I was cool with my Frye boots and over sized sunglasses, but, alas, I am not. New Yorkers are tragically hip - awesomely coloured Dunks are as common as a Duane Reade, and my sweet plaid shirts are outdone at every turn by Wayfarers and ankle boots.


Kittens are nature's way of reminding me of my immortality:

Hero of the day/week/month: Red Wine, preferably a Syrah from the Russian River Valley. You have gotten me through many a dinner, study session, morning (don't judge me), and without you I do not know how I would function.

I want to go to there

Currently reading: Empire Falls by Richard Russo
Currently listening to: Jeff Buckley
Currently craving: a EuroRail pass and unlimited funds

Who's with me?!

Peace, Love, and Europe.



  1. glad you are back and that you had a good time.
    dunks and duane reades, explain please so that i understand how totally unhip i am.
    love and kisses.

  2. That is one weird saddle. I love you like crazy, anyway.

  3. i am with you.

    tell my mom all about duane reades