Tuesday, March 3, 2009

fuck you, Tuesday

In case you missed it, I'm in a crap-tastic mood today. This is due to:
1. Crafting
2. German homework
3. the Movie Serenity
...all have banded together to keep me awake until 1:45 a.m. I'm pretty sure Dusty orchestrated that shit parade. His newest tactic in ruining my life? Sitting next to my computer and trying to bite my fingers while I type. Well played, sir. The game is certainly afoot.


Crafting is my new raison d'etre. And by "crafting" I mean destroying my clothing in creative ways. For instance, I spent four hours "shredding" a tee-shirt last night...
How to shred a tee-shit:
1. Take a tee shirt and cut off the hem
2. pull at the little threads that hold the shirt together
3. Keep pulling at them until you create a crazy ripped-looking/all around bad-ass article of clothing

This takes FOREVER but the results are rawsome

I've been inspired to create tons of crap like this, so stay tuned for updates of how I have further messed up my wardrobe via silly projects. But it does make me feel productive(ish).

Class is starting. More Later?



  1. Having difficulties getting some of your photos, miss. also, having trouble posting comments so who knows if you'll ever see this. And, you just scored a hat trick, darlin'.....3 IN A ROW. you rock.

  2. blowfishie,

    excellent shirt. in preparation for our hipsterdom (which i am considering to be in accordance with prophecy), we shall craft all day and sew on our machines in a room on top of the city of new york.

  3. um, it's sunday, you're quite a few days behind.
    yours in anticipation,
    auntie t

  4. don't tear your shirt. eat it.