Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You look like Fred from Scooby-Doo

First day of Spring Quarter = last spring quarter at NU...weird.

List of fails for the day:

1. Fell walking in the parking lot, while on the phone with Auntie J. Total wipe out.
2. When Frau Meuser asked who liked Nutella (our new unit in Deutsch is about food), I, quite literally, shouted "JA!!". No one else made a sound.
3. I worked out too hard yesterday and now cannot move in fluid motions because my legs are weak and angry with me, so I fell up the stairs. Twice.
4. Forgot to look up where my class was, so I sat in my car for a good ten minutes debating what to do, thereby wasting valuable time that could've been spent running over to the library and looking it up on one of their computers. Rawsome.

Caution: Katie Fail!

The highlight of my day came during my English class (Renaissance Travel Literature). I walked into a silent classroom, greeted only by the awkwardly loud ticking of the clock and the awkwardly long stares of the two other kids already in their seats. When I looked back at the already-seated-students, I literally did a double take - there was a kid wearing an ascot. And not just any ascot, a bright pink ascot. Folded nicely into his white oxford shirt. And jeans. And loafers. With no socks. And perfectly tousled brown, wavy hair. And brown leather man-bag at his side.

(Courtesy of Etsy.com)
Above: Ascot. Buzz words: debonair; suave; old man; not-to-be-worn-with-jeans or past 1972

When taking attendance, the professor called out the name "Joseph". Said ascot-wearing-boy/man said, "yes, but I go by Beau. B-E-A-U." He then proceeded throughout lecture to interject things at random times, like when we were going over a basic timeline he said, "EEYYYY!" (like The Fonz) when the professor mentioned Vasco deGama. Not sure why.

Did not wear an Ascot. Also, was not a renaissance explorer.

Livi got a mouse, which she named "Brain". He will be used in her science experiment and then taken back to the pet store, most likely to be fed to the snakes. Gross. I'm pretty sure that as we speak Dusty out back planning how to kill the mouse and then frame me for Brain's murder. A worthy opponent indeed.

I'm back on the Twitter. Woof.

Hero of the day: The old 20-dollar bill. I got one at the bank today, and it really brightened things up. It reminded me of a simpler, less "economic crisis" and more "economic prosperity" of a time.

Oh Andrew Jackson. You were a racist, horrible, smelly man, but boy howdy did you know how to sit for a portrait.

Currently reading: Candide by Voltaire
Currently listening to: Funeral by The Arcade Fire
Currently craving: Nutella

It's like buttah, only bettah

Peace, love, and hazelnut.



  1. one teaspoon of nutella is 17 points.

  2. ps my word verification was daeth. maybe that would be a bad omen, but if death cant even spell its name right, it prob cannot locate me and punish me as it should

  3. Katie you are back up to speed. Thank you for my best laughing of the the month.

    ps to Grace: Duh, Nutella has 0 points, we learned that when we were in Germany.

  4. you have got to be kidding about that guy in your class!! and falling up the stairs, you have inherited your mommy's grace.

  5. wait so what i am supposed to do with all these ascots i just got?

  6. people actually think of how they spell their contrived nicknames? it's one thing if his name was andrew and called himself drew...

    the professor should have said "oh, i thought you spelled it b-o" or summat.

  7. number of check-ins today to see if kt blogged = 5
    number of times tina was sad today = 5

  8. Hmmmmm.

    No blog, no Easter bunny?