Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Passover cometh

It's my favorite time of year! That's right folks, BASEBALL SEASON IS UPON US! This means that everything that is wrong in the world - the wars, famine, disease, natural disasters, Sarah Palin - are all righted because of the return of my Boys in Blue.

Aunt Tina: if you shit in the comments section about the Cardinals, I will punch you. Right in the face.

As Annie Savoy said (via Susan Sarandon via Bull Durham), "Walt Whitman once said, 'I see great things in baseball. It's our game -- the American game.' He said, 'It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.' You could look it up."

After attending the 105th annual meeting of the Classics Association of the Midwest, West, and South this past weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I feel that I can make the following statements without reservation:
1. I am a huge, huge fucking nerd
2. Minneapolis is a weird city where people mainly stay indoors.
3. If I lived in Minneapolis, I would mainly stay indoors.
4. Adventureland is an indulgent waste of time that I absolutely recommend seeing, if for nothing else than for the Lou Reed-heavy soundtrack and memories it evokes of that creepy carnival you used to go to every summer when you were a kid.

Read: Creepy Carnival I used to go to as a kid.

I would like to make an amendment to something that I wrote about a while back: I made the sweeping generalization that "dudes with aviators piss me off". I need to go back and make this point abundantly clear - the only dudes with aviators that piss me off are the ones that pair them with a backwards/side tilted baseball cap displaying their Frat letters; tattered jeans; and Birkenstocks, who parade down Sheridan road toasting other dudes they see in similar regalia for their awesome Bro-ness, all the while shuffling their feet so that the flow of traffic must accommodate them and their douchebaggy way of life.

Other aviators are OK. More than OK. Aviators can be a great fashion statement for women and men alike.



NOT Awesome.

Live and learn kiddies, live and learn.

Gotta run to class (Ancient Near Eastern Art and Visual Culture), no time for heroes or my cravings, but there will be more later.


  1. q:
    what do sterile bears and the world series have in common?

    no cubs

  2. Now Tina, that's no way to encourage KT dear to keep blogging!

  3. kt said i couldn't post about the cardinals, and i did not.

  4. Days in April thus passed: 13
    Blogs in April: 1