Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Complaining in the comments section doesn't make this come any faster

Dear Diary,

The monotony of April continues...let's have some sun, yeah?



Yeah, that.

I don't post much about Arsenal on this, mainly because I fear that Bsto will ridicule me for my statements mainly concerning the physical appearance of the squad, but I'd like to put this out there: Wigan 1-4 Arsenal; 1/4 finals coming up against Villareal tomorrow night;"early and unconfirmed reports that Diaby and Eduardo will play"; use caution when following the ArseBlogger on twitter on game days when you don't want to know the outcome; this just in: Giselle is an Arsenal fan?; We'll be OK without Gallas, damnit...


Trying to file a tax-extension form is both complicated and annoying. I don't feel the need to explain to them why I need an extension. Just accept that I'm asking for one and move on please IRS men! I promise I don't make enough money for it matter! Maybe I'll just attach a piece of paper to my form that has the address to this bloggy-wog and then they'll be all, "ok, this girl is legit. EXTENSION GRANTED."

I'm becoming addicted to twitter, and not in a good or healthy way. I direct-answered a famous person today, I'm not going to say which famous person in an effort to protect my street cred, and then things just got downright awkward when I laughed out loud at my own wit and stupidity during my art history class. FML.

No falls to report. Woot woot. Maybes I'm turning over a new leaf??

Look! It's the no-fall leaf!

The Smiths raise a good question: "Why do I smile at people I'd much rather kick in the eye?"

Hero of the day: Theodore Roosevelt Lily, for throwing an amazing 6 2/3 innings at the Cubs home opener yesterday. 5-2 is a great start to the season!

I wonder if he thinks about me when he's on the mound?

Currently reading: American Pastoral by Philip Roth
Currently listening to: Electric Light Orchestra
Currently craving: an anecdote to being a soccer mom...

ELO: Use of fog machine? A+ !

peace, love, and mini-vans.



  1. big duh to the complaining, we know it doesn't help, but we're still gonna do it.
    props on the no falls.
    elo? i am worried about you.

  2. but you ARE a soccer mom..

    and seriously, elo? my mom is correct to be concerned

  3. COME. ON. YOU.


  4. Commenting on Cubs' loss to Cardinals probably isn't gonna help the blog situation, either, Teenie.