Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome Back, Carbs!

"Mental Health" days (or, "Nervous People" days as Kath Kath would say) = Best excuse for staying home and watching the Cubs ever... Too bad the only person on the team who is hitting right now is Fukudome and walking people is apparently the new cool trend in major league baseball. Fail.

A note to Aunt Tina: you don't like baseball, and you don't care about baseball unless the Cards are playing the Cubs. If you are going to continue to act like you give a shit and ridicule my team via the comments section and twitter, I will drive the five hours to Clayton just to egg your worst-party ride and then punch you in the boob.

Think Uncle Tom will still want to be married to you after I drug you and get this tattooed on your right shoulder? Me neither. Biatch.

(vs. Man U in the semis....and if you're wondering, yes, I did direct reply to the arseblogger yesterday and yes, I'm still hoping he'll write back. I need to stop direct messaging people I don't actually know. FML)

If listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (as read by the wonderful and talented Jim Dale) in your car (and therefore spend between 10-15 minutes extra in your car every time you reach a destination so that you can keep listening) is wrong, then there is no way I ever want to be right.

I'm debating getting a Snuggie. What do you think?

Look! It's Katie! And she's translating Greek! With her Snuggie on! (or, no?)

(I'm big into parentheses today, apparently.)

Because I dropped the Renaissance Lit class (in favor of taking an independent study and completing my thesis), I don't get to see Beau-the-ascot-wearing-boy-wonder nearly as much as I'd like to, but there was a sighting today outside of the libes! He was wearing khakis, loafers (sans socks, of course), a white oxford shirt, and, wait for it, a GREEN ascot! Now, I was thinking earlier this week (yeah, Beau pops into my head from time to time...) that there is no way that he could wear an ascot every day - it would just be impractical to own that many ascots. But today he was looking ravishing in that green number, so I have to conclude that he indeed wears an ascot every day, which makes me just plain happy. This world needs more awkwardly nicknamed kids that wear ascots. Bless him.

Livi is performing an experiment involving mice. Pinky, and The Brain. She and her friend posit that by playing rock music continuously to one and classical music continuously to the other will make the one listening to classical music move through a maze faster. I posit that I am going to go fucking insane listening to Livi's iPod "Mouse Rock Mix" on repeat - James Blunt, Maroon 5, Counting Crows (the new, bad stuff, not the old, good stuff), and only ONE Pink Floyd song (though why she has the song Money on her iPod is beyond me). I have failed in her music education.


Hero of the day: my slippers, for keeping my toes warm as I ate dinner at Pita Inn with Rachel. There is nothing quite like the content feeling associated with warm feet and falafel.

Thanks, guys!

Currently reading: American Pastoral by Philip Roth (I know, still, but I have very little leisure time of late)
Currently listening to: Livi's fucking mouse mix faintly playing in the background
Currently craving: instructions to my sewing machine

peace, love, and do-it-yourself.



  1. ok, you are ever so right in calling me out on my general lack of interest in baseball. while i do enjoy a good game from time to time, and then only when tom gets really good seats for free, i am mostly disinterested. i'm really only interested in trying to piss you off when the cubs lose. especially to the cardinals.
    as for the snugglie, i would say yes only if there is a pockie to hold a little dc can.

  2. god i have so much to say in response...

    firstly, i agree with what my mother said. like i truly care about the wellbeing of the cardinals franchise? (st louisans are now getting their guns and heading for my apartment)

    snuggie: a dungeon guard's robe, but made in weird flammable fleece. and is there such a pockie? if so, could i be a pocket gracie and live in it?

    how many books do you read a week? do you just go to and look up smart recommendations and use those for your currently reading? or is that just me? i mean i never do that?

    and james blunt must be smited and put to death immediately. by way of livi's mouse mix. imagine having to listen to yourself over and over again when you are THAT BAD?

    you know what? i dont believe Beau the Ascot Wunderkind exists. You talk about him only in passing and never divulge details ("But I dont know anything about him!" yeah right) BEFRIEND HIM.


  3. ps that was the funniest ive been in weeks.

  4. well. well. well.

    wait a minute, i was going to write something but the cubs bullpen just walked the bases loaded again.

  5. thursday, april 16 - wednesday, april 22. it's been a boring 6 days.