Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This one's for you, Gracie: Bopits and my first day

To begin with, I am completely against blogging. However, I have to obey Grace because I fear her. So, here it is...

(reaction from Mags about my new blogger status:
SpongeMag (6:51:07 PM): i'm going to start one, about how you're a loser)

Today was my first day of being a nanny to Miss Livi. Waking up at 7 am is something I will have to get used to, but today wasn't too bad. I made her scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese for breaky (I wish I were British so badly), and even made her lunch (peanut butter on white bread, strawberries, and a cookie. Perfectly balanced?). We rocked out to Snow Patrol on the ride to school, and I informed Liv that she "will not be allowed to listen to crappy music on my watch". That includes, but is not limited to, The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana (Miley is OK), or any of those other Disney Channel tool bags that make my soul hurt.

Anyway, after dropping my little nugget of hilarity off at Baker I returned home to my still-warm bed, texted Gracie, and went back to sleep (my favorite pasttime).

I let myself sleep way too long, but I've been so tired these days that I just don't care (Whenever I say such emo things like that I always think of the song from "Evita" Don't Cry for Me Argentinaaaaa!!!). I got up, showered, and took off to go hunt down the dry cleaners that currently have my aunt's clothing- that's right, we don't know which one. There are over 50 dry cleaners in the Evanston/Skokie area. I gave up after three and decided just to wait until we could call whoever dropped the stuff off in the first place. Epic fail of the day number one: falling on my ass outside of the Starbucks on Chicago and Dempster. Luckily, I had not yet ordered my venti skinny vanilla latte.

Bank --> Lisa' house to drop off Beef Stew--> Civic Center to inquire about getting a second garbage --> Barnes and Noble --> LuluLemon --> Baker to get Liv --> Lake Forest for a voice lesson (Liv's, not mine, obvi) --> back to Michigan Ave.

Bought some sweetass leg warmers at LuluLemon, which I will never regret no matter what Grace or Livi say about how stupid I look in them...
(but brownish purple)

A sample conversation on the way to Livi's lesson:
(we're stopped at a light en route to 94/Edens)
Livi: If you're ever caught under a car, grab one of the pipes and pull it out.
Katie: Why would you be under a car?
Livi: You know, if you were ever being chased by someone who was trying to run you over.
Katie: So, you should hit the deck before the car hits you, then while under the car, you pull out a pipe...
Livi: I guess that's how you'd do it. But you'd pull out the pipe out to stop the car. Your back would get scratched, but it'd be worth it. You'd be alive.
Katie: Why is someone chasing you with a car?
Livi: I don't know. My friend's friend got chased by a car in LA! She had to run away and then the guy in the car was wearing a black mask and then she rolled under the car, pulled out a pipe, and layed there for like, three hours. Then she came out, and NO ONE WAS IN THE CAR!

You can't make that shit up. It's golden.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get some fries and Diet Coke (my lifesource). Livi LOVES Wendy's. It's the only fast food she'll eat. I'm not sure why it's the only place she likes, but she goes nuts for that stuff.

Epic Fail #2 for the day: Falling as I was getting out of the car and getting my new leg warmers wet. Grace, they are NOT ugly.

Currently: watching "Chicken Little" and hoping that Sammi wasn't lying about that "Team Katie" tee-shirt. If there's one thing I've learned from that little situation which shall not be named, it's that you can't trust people who don't offer any of themselves to you. You'll just be disappointed.

In an interesting conversation with my Aunt Julie, I was reminded of several things:
1) My cousin Will is a DOUCHE and I will ill him for his insolence!
julieinfdl (6:42:15 PM): there are ppl who fight katie to pay for their tuition
julieinfdl (6:42:20 PM): bitch
julieinfdl (6:42:29 PM): ew that was none other than willie

2) Bopits were the best/most horrible toys EVER. It would suck you in and let you out five hours later a broken, stupider human being with sore hands.

BopIt: The Devil.

Currently listening to: Andrew Bird's new album courtesy of Alex. SO AMAZING!
Currently reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 4/ The Brother's Karamazov
Currently wanting really badly: Christian Louboutin "Trottinette" ankle boots


Well, Maggie is coming over for some quality time with ME!

Peace, love, and shoes.


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  1. This is the first laugh I have had in way too long, thank you my lovely KT.