Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm getting a three-armed sweater for Christmas

Wednesdays, you are the WORST party. You can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at 6:45 a.m there is no light. Anywhere...

A cut up apple and peanut butter is perfectly acceptable breaky, right? Peanut butter sandwich, strawberries, watermelon flavored applesauce, and trail mix for Miss Liv's lunch today. I'm becoming quite the speed lunch maker!! When my classes start up in January Livi and I are going to have to have a talk about how she will have to make her lunch in the morning, remember to brush her hair and teeth, and maybe even make her own breaky all on her own. Scary, I know, but totally necessary. I'm super busy and important and don't have time for things like making lunches.

Back to bed...up at a perfectly unreasonable hour. I can't even write what time I dragged myself out of bed again, so let's pretend that it was at 9:30 and I spent all morning cleaning and bettering the world via tree planting, recycling shit, etc. (Phew! What a busy morning!)

After all that productiveness, I made a healthy lunch of nachos and chatted to Aunt Julie about absolutely nothing for a while. Scratch that, we talked about her lack of having to pee; my e-mail back from Christie's auction house (!!!!); Christmas presents for her children; and how my stomach hurt from eating nachos for breaky (lunch). I miss having her around at my disposal...though Livi and I are planning a road trip to Fond du Lac around Sunday or Monday, so that should not only provide me an Aunt Julie/Eric fix, but also provide plenty of quotable Livi material.

<--- photo courtesy of I shit you not.

I'm unabashadly in love with this man

Shower (thank goodness. It had been too long)--> Maggie's house ---> DSW on an unsuccessful winter boot finding mission ---> ULTA ---> Baker ---> Bat 17 for some delicious food with Annie ---> my mom's house ---> 724 Michigan

Here's today's Livi convo:

Katie: I got Annie a really good christmas present today!
Livi: I'm going to make you a three armed sweater for Christmas.
Katie: What?
Livi: Yeah, two arms for your arms, and one for this *points to my chin*.
Katie: Are you pointing out that I have a big pimple?
Livi: No, I was just trying to diss you and it didn't work.
Katie: That's cause I'm too cool to diss
Livi: No, it's cause I messed it up. You're easy to diss.

After another stimulating day of driving around in my sweet ride (suck on that one Aunt Tina), I finally returned home with Livi who promptly took off her shoes and wet socks and left them in the middle of the floor. Then, with her coat still on, she laid herself down on the middle of the kitchen floor and yelled things at me. Then she got up, poured herself a glass of water and put a candy cane in it to make mint water. No. Joke. She tried to make me try it but I refused. Melted candy cane water is not my idea of delicious.

= My idea of delicious.

I then went to the Heartland Cafe to have a beer with one of my professors who I'm catsitting for. Hopefully the cat, named Miranda (meaning one who must be adored in Latin), will provide more blogg-a-licious material.

I also decided today that I want to have a mortal enemy/arch nemesis. I mentioned this to Liv, who had this to say on the subject:
"Awesome! I have three mortal enemies. You can have one of mine."

I was super excited, until I did a google search and found out that other people have already had this idea:
This Leroy McAllister character stole all my thunder. But, nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that I will be accepting applications to become my arch nemesis/mortal enemy. Please limit your personal statements to a page, and include an "evil C.V" with all applications.

Moving on to my hero of the day! The Hero of the Day for Wednesday, December 17, 2008 is: Beau Biden (Joe Biden's son). His overall hotness and service to his country is heroic enough for an entire MONTH of Hero!

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Peace, Love, and the Bidens.



  1. Katie I have to do all my housewifely chores before I read your posts because it's such a TREAT that I view it as my reward to taking out these stupid dogs to poop in the snow....but now that Willie's home my life has improved. As I can order him around and he cannot argue.

    I love you like crazy.

  2. My sweet ride can kick your sweet ride's ass.