Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh hey, 2010! What are you even doing here?

Hour 12 of the Law and Order: SVU marathon finds me sitting alone in my basement nursing my wounds from last night, watching detective Stabler and his bad-ass marine training help him save rape victims, and mainlining Diet Coke.

Your ability to get confessions is not only slightly frightening, but it's also downright inspiring

I am generally completely against New Year's resolutions (does one capitalize "new" and "year's"? Whatever. I'm going with it) because I don't think that it's appropriate to claim all sorts of new goals and personal growth ideals just because it's January 1st. I chose to ignore winter on principle - I don't agree with the gods' decision to create snow and ice and misery for three months. Also, I go by a calendar I made up myself in which the new year occurs on my birthday. Anyway, I decided to set some completely unreasonable goals for myself because by January 18th most people have left their resolutions by the wayside, so why not shoot for the stars?

1. become an international jewel thief
2. decode cat's meows so that I can hear Dust's diabolical plans before he carries them out
3. marry a one Eric Patricia Marilynn Harper
4. be positive about things in my life and stop chasing things that I can't have
5. master the cello
6. write a doctoral thesis and circumvent the whole "graduate school" thing

Maybe being an international jewel thief-cum-classical-cellist will help me attract my future husband: James Bond.

So, I've got all that going for me.

I'm leaving for France in 20 days. Holy. Mother. Of. Mercy.

Livi update: she just ran down the stairs to inform me that Nick Jonas is in his own band now, and "he actually sounds pretty good. And he's cuter now."

I have a Mac. I sort of feel like I should be a Storm Trooper or something now, cause I've truly joined and embraced the dark side. But it is actually wonderful and I love my little Mac-man. He's beautiful and sleek and he's MINE! I don't know why he's a male, but he is. I shall call him "Petrie".

I'm imperial scum. Woof.

Tutuola (Ice-T) punches said runner in the face, knocking him out: I'VE GOT A DROPPER

Currently Reading: Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning
Currently Listening To: The witty dialogue of Law and Order: SVU
Currently Craving: a big, fresh, Greek salad. mmmmm....

That, and sitting in an outdoor restaurant in Crete.

Peace, Love, and the dedicated detectives of the Special Victims Unit.

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  1. Oh Kate, no one can make me laugh quite like you. Well, sometimes Hope can, and usually Auntie J, your mommy could, Grace can, but doesn't mean to, Liv, of course, and Annie does when she tries to act all bad-ass yelling at other drivers, but mostly, just you. Thanks for my first real laugh of 2010. I love you!