Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Mom is my Doppleganger

Superbowl Sunday in St Brieuc turned into “Katie Watches Rugby and Doesn’t Understand it but Wants to Watch Sports” Sunday...It did make me a bit homesick to be watching such a clearly European sport on the D-Day of the (American) Football season, but it was better than nothing. I spent the afternoon trying to keep up with the French commentary during the match between France and Scotland (Le XV de France contra Ecosse), and scouting out potential husbands amongst the players. And let me tell ya, there are some hotties on both sides. It makes me feel like a traitor to my sex to watch sports and be inevitably drawn to who’s eyes manage to convey the greatest insight into their soul (#16 for France, in case you were wondering), but hey, I can’t help it. It’s like a guy watching the cheerleaders that the television networks can’t help but zoom in on every five minutes and not noticing their racks/butts/whathaveyou while they’re jumping up and down waving shiny shit at your face.

Let's be honest. You're not thinking about that last play.

And neither am I.

I did, in fact, develop quite an affinity for the sport. It’s just as, if not more, physical than American Football, but it has less padding and a more non-sensical set of rules. Every couple seconds the players jump on each other and battle for a ball that’s clearly hit the ground but the play doesn’t stop. And I have no idea why the play does stop when it does. I felt annoying asking Gerard (my host dad) too many questions so I sat in silence trying to deign the rules by just watching. Didn’t work. So, wikipedia it is.

Most days I spend between fifteen and twenty minutes choosing an outfit for the day. I put an extreme amount of care into my appearance (seriously, I’ve turned a corner. No more LuluLemon-stretch-pants-American- Apparel-v-neck-and-zip-up-hoodie-to-class for this girl!) in order to wow the oh-so-fashionable French students/so the teachers take me seriously. Today, for example, I’ve paired a black blazer with a vintage-looking yellow silk blouse, boy-friend fit jeans, and red flats. I’m quite proud of this ensemble, but it seems to be for naught. I’m pretty sure that the professors still wouldn’t take me seriously if I were wearing a tee-shirt claiming my illustrious and expensive American degree in block letters. And, as for the 17-year-old for whom I’d forsake my goal of having British children, well, I’m just that 22-year-old American girl who stares a little too long and who makes comments under her breath in English about 17 being the age of consent in Illinois. Can I get arrested for this? Benson and Stabler would NOT approve. Woof.

Yeah, I stole them from my sister. I do what I want.

This grey Monday morning in St Brieuc has proved quite productive, despite a miserable beginning: when I arrived at school at 7:45 a.m. I found out that I didn’t actually have a class to teach until 11. That means that I could’ve slept until at least 10 a.m. I thought briefly about running back home and getting back in bed, but I resisted and instead spent the morning figuring out logistics for my trip to Thailand. After reading an e-mail from Julia, I realized that I’m not actually landing in Bangkok until 12 p.m. on Monday afternoon, and thus will not reach Chiang Mai until Tuesday morning due to the overnight train I have to take. Plus, I’m spending Friday evening - Sunday morning in Le Mans visiting my host family from the first time I was in France, so I have to book trains for that too. This whole Thailand experience will be infinitely more interesting due to my complete lack of ability to speak the Thai language. Also, I have to change planes in Cairo, and in case you were wondering, I don’t speak Arabic (yet). Luckily, “diet coke” or “coca light” translates into most languages without much trouble.

And, I hope I don't get stopped by a sphinx. I'd never be able to solve a riddle under that sort of pressure. Oedipus was a clever bugger, but apparently not too wise...

I had an anonymous (Aunt Tina) request to say a little something about my current host family. I have pictures of the house and my room, but because I don’t have the cable for Annie’s camera with me, you all will have to wait until I return to see them. Whoops. Anyway, I’m currently staying with an English teacher and her husband. They’re both in their mid-50’s, and very nice. Josiane speaks perfect English with a wonderful British accent; her husband speaks very little English but cause I’m a French rockstar (read: I can speak enough to request to watch the Arsenal game on TV) we’re all good. When I get back from Thailand, I’m going to be staying with one of the P.E. teachers and her family. She has two little daughters, and I’m super excited to get them to re-create the Capucine video with me. That, and to ask them to call me mean names and ridicule me about being a spinster with tons of cats just like Livi does, cause I do miss that little firecracker.

How do you say "Crazy cat lady" in French?

A slight problem I’m having here: I’m bored in the afternoons. I need a hobby. I bought the first season of Dexter on iTunes last week and watched all 12 episodes in the period of about three days. I already bought season 2 and it is waiting for me when I get home, but seeing as how there are only three seasons available for my consumption, I need a new hobby. Any ideas? I’ve been considering teaching myself Italian, but the only textbook I have access to for this are written in French. Although, it would be an interesting challenge to learn Italian from French...

I have this really weird habit of, when finding myself in an awkward and/or boring situation, coming up with the most outrageous and socially inappropriate action to take. For example, today during lunch I was eating a banana and trying to keep up with the conversation (I think it was about cell phones but I can’t be sure), when my mind began to wander. What would happen if I stood up, yelled “AMERICAAAAA!!!” and smashed the banana into someone’s entree? When I’m at a play or recital I often think about what would happen if I ran up on stage and started to tap dance... I don’t know why I get these impulses, but sometimes I think it’d make a good reality show. That, and get me committed. Said actions, however, remain ideas in my head...for the most part.

Banana: not for shenanigans.

And, just to blow your mind:

Shameless plug: Go to Superdawg, now with a new location in Wheeling, Illinois!!!!

Currently reading: interesting question (that I pose to myself, I know). In the past week I read: “Fiesta/The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway and “Look Back In Anger” by John Osborne. I picked up “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad, but it lacks the grip of “Heart of Darkness” and I’m quickly losing interest. Big ups to BSto for recommending some good titles re: France during WWII...unfortunately I’d have to order them from Amazon or summat so I’m not sure I’m going to get around to reading those right now due to all of my funds being funneled into Thailand adventure.

Currently listening to: The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts

Currently craving: Superdawg. Duh.

Always, always, always a good choice

Peace, Love, and 100% pure beef.

- Blowfish.

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