Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's Singing Her Homework

To Do:

1. Stop sabotaging grades via procrastination
2. Get good grades
3. Get into Oxford for Master's Degree
4. Live the Good Life

Why HELLO future! You look purdy.
Done and done.

Livi is singing out her homework. Par example, "raaate of chaaaange between forty eiiight miiiinutes and fooooorty miiiiinutes....Kaaaaattiiieeee whaaaaat endddding doesssss the accusaaaaative caaaaseeee haaaave innnnn ttheeeee feeeminine fiiiirst declenssiiooon????"

Not much is going on the world of Katie. I'm mega-busing it with Max to St. Louis soon, but until then it's nose to the grindstone as I try and finish:

1 paper discussing the differences and similarities between palatial structures from the Assyrian Empire with the Minoan Empire
2 exams (art history and deutsch)
1 thesis (bah hahaha RIGHT)

...not too bad, but not too good, either. Anyone want to write my thesis for me?

just add messing around with Livi and Manuel to the mix, and there ya go. FML.

I'm working on getting over my fear of whales. It's completely irrational, and serves only to create awkward conversations when asked what my biggest fear is. Some would say Dementors, others would say death. I say, "Orcas."

The sun just came out, and it's completely beautiful and wonderful in the kitchen with the light streaming poetically through the windows as if Zeus opened up the heavens to shine directly on me and Livi. When I said this to Livi, she said, "You're weird, and I just farted." And then danced away. Oh, to be young again...

Hero of the day: Salmon, for providing me with delicious nutrition in a fun and pink way.

That is a surprisingly accurate visual representation of what I look like while feasting

Currently listening to: Regina Spektor singing Real Love
Currently reading: Plato (and, Grace, I don't read "entire historical texts in the span of a week" - I read specific chapters and essays as they relate to my thesis. Just cause I got out of the Banana Stand business doesn't mean you have to be a hater)
Currently craving: my girls to GRADUATE and COME HOME!!!

Peace, Love, and Bitches.



  1. you are staying at kapp-kappa tina, aren't you?

  2. I'm jealous! Is the pool open yet @ KKT?

  3. update from the KKT house- not sure when the pool is opening. House Dad Tom has scheduled it, but we don't have a date, as he is out in the backyard grilling.

    also, we are watching Clean House and its varying degrees of horrific, centering mainly on EXTREMELY.


    love grace

  4. overheard via a sonic commerical

    -its so great to come to sonic for a late night treat. it's like, crazy late night snacking!
    -crazy ladies, late night snacking
    -what are we gonna do?
    -who knows
    -crazy ladies!
    -lets go.. buy some eggs. and...boil them

    and scene.

  5. strange people posting on my account. not cool.

  6. day 20. it's reading week, get busy blogging.