Monday, January 12, 2009

This is going to be your new rock anthem

Things that are awesome from today:
1. Finding out that I'm going to inauguration (ticket and everything)
2. Chicken Marsala
3. "Duvel" Belgian beer
4. Girl Talk
6. Chicago Tribune Sunday crossword
7. Being up early enough for Breakfast with the Beatles

Things that are NOT awesome from today:
1. German homework
2. The pimple on my upper lip...woof
3. My inability to keep it in my head to call Eric (even though I love him so...)
4. Finding out that I am not going to a ball (you're such an Indian giver! And don't throw the whole, "I'm taking you to inauguration when I could sell the other ticket for hundreds of dollars" thing again. I wanted to wear a ball gown, and you killed that dream. KILLED IT!)
5. The Giants lost
6. Being up early enough for Breakfast with the Beatles

at 8.5% alcohol by volume, it's been a great evening.

What: Sledding
Who: Micaela, Kristin, Kelsey, Louisa, and Me!
When: Sunday, 11 January 2009
Where: Mount Trashmore- Evanston, IL
Why: Cause we 'gotta
...literally the most fun I've had all break. I haven't laughed that hard in months, so thank you ladies for providing hours of hilarious falls, screams, and awkward friendships with children. Even though the "big hill" on Mount Trashmore has been closed (There's a dude standing in the middle of it wearing a "Security" jacket and crushing dreams), there were plenty of other, much more dangerous trails that people had literally forged by a combination of courage and disregard for safety. One of the trails went through a fence that had been twisted back so that if you were a couple of inches off track you would slam into the side of the fence going about 20 miles an hour. Then, as if that weren't enough of a death defying act, it cut across a back entrance to the park so random cars were further threatening our lives. It. Was. Awesome. The best moments included the girls who were wearing Uggs not being able to keep their traction and falling at random times, and Micaela, Louisa, and I piling onto the longer blue sled and literally almost dying from snow to the face/outright terror. Check Facebook for pictures- Kelsey was keeping a record of our fun.

Some amazing moments from Livi in the past couple of days:

Sitting in the back seat of my car just singing to herself: "I'm Elvis! I'm Elvis! Make me a peanut butter and banana sandwich...on the double man, on the double! I died on the toilet!" ...there is no pretext for that random inspiration- she just burst out with it.

Me: Livi, did you learn anything in school today?
Livi: Yeah, we learned about rati...rati...somethings....
Me: Ratios?
Livi: No, rati, nones? Something about numbers.
Me: Rational numbers?
Livi: Yeah!! We didn't learn about the other ones yet.
Me: Other ones?
Livi: Irri-rational numbers., I want to make it clear that Livi is in no way, shape, or form stupid or slow. She just has trouble recalling names of things, and in her search for she says some amazing things. So don't hate.

Livi, watching the Golden Globes: Oh! There's Tina Fey! She's going to win for best impostor.

Now, to make fun of Seth some more for playing his war games nonstop:
I found out the name of it: WarHammer 40,000 - Dawn of War. He has literally been playing ALL day. Some choice quotes:

The "Commissar" This is literally what he made me come and look at.
Livi: Can I watch you play?
Seth: I guess, but it's going to be boring.
Livi: Whoa! That guy's name is Seth?
Seth: No, that's just the name of my army.
Livi: Your whole army is named Seth? Whatever... NO! [points at something on the screen] Put it in the middle of nowhere so they don't suspect it!
....she is a military genius.

Now, on to my hero of the day. This one is actually painful, because I really, really don't want to admit defeat in my ongoing battle against the evil that IS Max Rubin, but he's giving me a ticket to inauguration, putting up with me for over ten hours in a car + an entire week of my totally RAWsome company (if you think I'm dropping you off Saturday and not seeing you again until Tuesday, you are mistaken. Sadly.), so here goes...

Physical Manifestation of my Nightmares.

Currently listening to: Girl Talk Feed the Animals
Currently reading: Images of the Past (My legit interesting Anthro text. As Rita would say, "No." )
Currently craving: Funk Fraimingham. Now, and always.

Grace + Mr. Beaver (the Beav) = True Love

Pouvons nous S'IL VOUS PLAIT aller au Londres MAITENANT?!!?!?!

Peace, Love, and Western Europe.



  1. yer lucky it's Monday and there's a new blog. All I"m sayin.

  2. funny up this a.m., turned on the ol' mac, and NO NEW ENTRY. You have until 5 pm today ms. fine. Or you're fired.

  3. can't you please just make two old ladies happy and do some posting? obvi, we don't have a life