Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling the burn

Dearest and most loyal readers, I have to apologize for my long hiatus. Winter break has caused me to become both lethargic and boring, so not only did I have nothing to write about, but I was also lacking the strength and conviction to complete a post.


The following needs to be discussed in detail:
1. Miami
2. School
3. Kids, Inc.
4. Watches, Sunglasses, and difficult decisions

Miami Beach! Ah-may-zing. It was so, so nice to be able to lay in the sun and just relax. Micaela, Sally, and I stayed at an amazing hotel called Loews Miami Beach. It had like, three restaurants, a beach, a pool, and a spa. I got the most expensive pedicure of my life ($60!!! WTF?!?!), but I guess it was worth it cause I love getting my feet touched...that sounds much more awkward than it actually is. Or something.

Totes Beautiful, right?
Micaela and Sally and I decided to go out one night, so while I was getting a pedicure those two crazy ladies decided to ask the concierge where the 'cool' places are to go in Miami. We went to a really cool little bar to get mojitos/wine, and then we went to the Grillfish for dinner. I got salmon...delicious.

Waxy O'Connor's --> Mansion to stand in line for five minutes then decide against waiting --> Nobu/SkyBar for one drink and some awkward stares--> Segofredo but didn't want to wait for a table --> Buck 15 but didn't want to wait in line --> back to the hotel for more mojitos

My new best friend: The raspberry mojito

Miami, in general, is one big line. And everyone in line is rather tacky looking, so there is not much incentive to wait and see what it would be like on the inside. Cause really, the inside must look a lot like the outside but with more drinks in peoples' hands and louder music. And maybe some UV lights....

Inside Mansion...maybe in my younger days I would've enjoyed it more. I'm the worst party cause I'm old and lame now.
In an effort to alleviate my snoring, and allow Micaela to catch some zzz's, I bought some nose strips that pull apart my nostrils. They were helpful, but they left stickiness on my nose that was really unpleasant in the morning. So, if you're considering buying something so that your partner (yeah, Micaela and I made it official...) can sleep through your snoring, I would seriously consider Breathe Right strips. Good times...

I missed my flight coming back to Chicago yesterday. I can't even deal with how horrible my experience at Miami International Airport was. Fortunately, Grace Garcia Clarke saved my life and made it possible for me to get home.

I was going to put up a picture of Gracie herself, but this came up as the #1 result when I google imaged her. Awkward and delicious all at the same time.

Back to school...lame. I'm taking two anthro classes, a course called "exhibiting antiquity", and Deutsch (naturlich!). Bill is on my back about continuing with Ancient Greek, but I honestly have no time...I'm supposed to finish my thesis by the first week of May and I've currently done NOTHING to further this goal. I keep having horrible anxiety dreams about not being able to like, read or write correctly. I can't even translate the Latin correctly. I wake up in a cold sweat. I'm not kidding. My nerdiness knows no bounds. Woof.

OK, so the other day Grace and I were discussing some bright neon crazy-looking leggings. I was trying really hard to think of what they reminded me of when I suddenly remembered: KIDS, INCORPORATED. That's what it reminded me of. And holy crap, does anyone remember the glory, the wonder, the horror...of JLH pre-Party of Five?

According to Wikipedia, there was almost of decade of this show. 1984-1993 will go down as the best years of television history. "The series revolved around a group of children and teenagers who performed in their own rock group, Kids Incorporated. The band members struggled to deal with issues ranging from divorce to violence to schoolyard crushes while performing regularly at a local restaurant/theatre, The P*lace (called The Malt Shop in the pilot). It was originally named The Palace, but the "a" in the neon sign burned out. It was never explained how the KI group funded or profited from their performances, but the show did not aim for strict realism. The action took place on abstract, "stagey" sets and the plots involved many fantasy elements (such as the band meeting a singing robot)." Does anything sound better? Answer: NO.
Seth, circa 5 seconds ago: "Kate, I've honestly never heard of that show. What is it? Like, a musical review?"

Go on youtube, search "Kids, Incorporated", and enjoy.

Enough now, enough.

...I'm obsessed with watches. This blog shall not now, nor ever, become overly materialistic. That being said, I'm obsessed with watches. And sunglasses. And more sunglasses. Let's take a look at some... (Shut up, Tina, or I shall be forced to talk some more shit about your worst party ride. JUST SEE IF I'M JOKING. I DARE YOU)

Don't judge me. I just like to have my face covered by giant beautiful pieces of plastic.

I want a beautiful timepiece. What do you think?

OK, time to start meine Hausaufgaben fur Deutsch. Good times.

Seth, circa 20 minutes ago: I'm watching the second season of Arrested Development, and it's so funny.

Understatement of the millennium, biatch.

Currently listening to: Portishead via House
Currently reading: The Brothers Karamazov ('s slow going)
Currently craving: to know how the hell this episode of House ends...and Buster Bluth. Always Buster Bluth.

Peace, Love, and Tony Hale.



  1. It was worth the wait.

    "This blog shall not now, nor ever, become overly materialistic. That being said, I'm obsessed with watches. And sunglasses. And more sunglasses. Let's take a look at some... (Shut up, Tina, or I shall be forced to talk some more shit about your worst party ride. JUST SEE IF I'M JOKING. I DARE YOU)"

    You said it yourself, I didn't even have to say anything.

    But my SR and I do love you.

  2. It is about dang time Carolin. And good news, the evil internet filter at the Big House [Fond du Lac Co. Health Dept. of course] let it slide right in. Thank god.

    I miss you ! I miss everyone! Hope you like having Sethie as a housemate. How are the mommies holding up???