Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Billy Mays did NOT make this

To begin with, it is currently 60 degrees in Evanston. SIXTY. DEGREES. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, not because I was delirious from only getting four hours of sleep, but because the sun was shining and my parka was nestled away in the closet, destined not to see the outside world today.

What's that? Thursday's high is 40? FML.

Tuesday's totals (thus far)
# of falls: 2
# of diet cokes: 3
# of episodes of Spongebob Square Pants watched: 2
# of times I said the phrase "OLIVIA GARCIA BARTON STOP IT RIGHT NOW!": 6
# of minutes in the carpool line spent staring at Liv's science teacher*: 5.25

*Said science teacher is ridiculously hot and I would ask you NOT to judge me here. Unless you've already judged me, in which case, JUST WAIT TILL YOU SEE HIM HE IS HOT.

Today's first fall was pretty epic, as it involved my having to change clothes cause I slipped on a patch of ice and then right into a puddle...at 7:49 a.m.

Second fall: getting out of my car at the NU parking lot (not a half an hour later)...it involved banging my back on the edge of door and having to hold still for a moment thinking that I was paralyzed, realizing I was fine, and then realizing that one of the sanitation guys was watching me and laughing. FML.

Katie: What's in that bag, Liv?
Livi: That's for me to know and you not to EVER know.
K: That's annoying. What's in the bag?
L: I'm not telling you.
K: Seriously, I just want to know what's in the bag!
L: Too bad!
K: You are sooooo annoying.
L: You are too.
L: You know, if we ever got stuck in a snowstorm, we'd have everything we need in this car. Gum, water, cell phones, homework, and broken glass in case we need to bleed on something.
K: umm...what? What's IN THE BAG???
L: Blood is hot, so we could make something unfrozen. Duh.
K: That's really weird...what would we need to unfreeze?
L: Our fingers. That's why we'd cut them.
K: Good digression, but what's in that damn bag?
L: I'm not annoying, I'm a "DICKWAD!"
K: Where did you learn that word?
L: Your friend.
K: Which friend? Maggie?
L: No, Max.
K: I'm calling him. That is unacceptable.
K: If you don't tell me what's in the bag, I'm calling him.
[she then reaches across me, whilst I'm in control of a motor vehicle, and proceeds to punch me and hit me into submission]

All that was in the bag was her wet swimsuit, to which she said, "you have no self control"....I was thwarted and then pwned, by an 11 year old. Rawsome.

If you're like most people, you're probably wondering what to get me for my birthday (May 26). Let me give you a hint:


Scrabble. "Woven" for 65 points is a bitch. Alex is a bigger bitch for playing it.

GOING TO NYC FOR SPRING BREAK!!! MARCH 21-25!!!! I've never been to the big apple, but I have lots of exciting ideas about what it's going to be like. I picture a whirlwind of celebrities, elegant parties, and bagels...and do NOT want to hear otherwise.

It's going to be like this, but with more AWESOME!

Hero of the day: Count Chocula. Not because I like his cereal, but because a) he's repping hard for the vamps, and b) he's a style icon.

I've never tried his product, but DAMNIT if his hair isn't beautiful.

Currently listening to: Pandora.com radio based on "Girl Talk"
Currently Reading: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
Currently Craving: Sweatpants and my book

= best. evening. ever.

Peace, Love, and Literature.



  1. Tuesday 4:45 pm. Waiting for my Spanish prenatal class to start. [tonight's topic, C-sections, preterm labor, and a very fun tour of the L&D unit at our very own St. Agnes Hospital.]

    Lucky for all of us there was a new post.

  2. 2 falls in one day = def daughter of kfg.
    um, who is that in that picture?

  3. Damn, Count Chocula is looking mighty fine these day.

  4. 1. thank god the real Count finally showed up. [?was that a football in that girl's hands? eeeks.]
    2. Permanent Hero of the Day: CAPUCINE.
    3. Last night, watching 'Once Upon a Time' was the ONLY time I have ever not regretted taking French in high school.
    4. Crocodile

  5. ok, i am totallylost with your comments julie.

  6. go immediately to: www.vimeo.com
    and click on anything with 'capucine,' especially Once Upon a Time. That is, unless your controls on internet are are stupid-ass restrictive as ours here at the PHD.

    Be prepared.

  7. are you talking about the little french girl? you are nuts.

  8. those boots are made for walking
    and thats just what they'll do
    one of these days those boots are gonna
    go straight to hell