Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you like this song?

The pressure to entertain you people is causing me to lay awake at night, contemplating what to discuss from my day; what to exclude; what languages to write it cause apparently German is pissing people off; what random thoughts I have that I should share; what random thoughts I have that I should keep to myself and never, ever tell people about...THE PRESSURE! IT'S TOO MUCH!

But, I digress.

This is what comes up when you google image "digression". I shall call him "Amos".
...what's better than Amos? The fact that the picture is from a site called that is dedicated to World of Warcraft forums....awkward for me, for Amos, and for Seth.

Livi quote of the day:

"When you wake me up in the morning, I need you to come into my room, stand by my bed, and make sure I'm awake. BEFORE I SIT UP I'm going to raise one arm and have you feel for my pulse."'s not as amusing if you know that she went on to explain that she needs to record her resting heart rate, so I'm just going to leave that out. Just imagine sleeping Livi, blankets completely covering her head (she likes to burrow under blankets), extending one tiny little arm out from under her pillow for her doting Nanny to record her resting heart rate. Classic.

I aspire to live a life of leisure in early 20th century India as an English Dandy.

Minus the extraordinary literary career, plus India, plus a couple Elephants = Katie

If I have twins, and lord help me if I do, I'm going to name them Artemis and Apollo. Even if they're two boys/two girls. Which begs the question, should I be allowed to have children?

OMG it's my kids! (Thanks to Amy for bringing this subject up. Apollo and Artemis will be best friends with Homer and Virgil. We should never procreate.)

How much Diet Coke is too much Diet Coke? I never want to know the answer to that question.

I accidentally answered a question in my German class, to which the answer was "two and a half (zwei und halb)" with "two and heif". FML.

I aspire to answer all of life's questions on this mofo. So if you have anything you'd like me to address, I'll do my darndest to accommodate you. Not that I have all the answers, but I have all the answers (i.e: the chicken) now offers grammar, math, geography, and several foreign language quizzes. Go there, do good. An Olivia's favorite food is white rice with enough soy sauce to drown in, just fyi.

Hero of the day: Dev Patel. Star of Slumdog Millionaire, former star of my fav BBC soap Skins, poised and funny on The Daily Show, and potential (definite) future husband of ME. Awkward and creepy cause a) he's 18, and b) I don't "know" him? Yep. Does that stop me? Nope.

I cried when he kissed her scar. FML.

Currently listening to: based on M83
Currently reading: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
Currently craving: the end to this horrid week.

Peace, Love, and the Weekend.



  1. And here I thought, decisively, that today, NOTHING could top Henry's performance in "The Argument Clinic," a Monty Python skit perfomed this evening in the Theisen Middle School Talent Show. [proceeds going to the Humane Society..a grand total of $620!].

    I was wrong.

  2. i'm sorry you feel such pressure to entertain, but it really is the least you can to for a couple of old ladies. and we really do love your blog. and you.
    i saw slumdog millionaire, please don't move to india.

  3. Eeeks. Monday morning, at my computer cubbyhole at work, and new entry. Woe is me.


  5. 18 eight year olds want my attention, i need a diversion. hook me up quick.

  6. ok, sure, the kitty is cute, but if i open your blog one more time and that cat is the first thing i see, i'm going to get really mad.