Friday, February 13, 2009

Can I call you Mrs. Shifty?

The cutest french guy in my anthro class can't ever remember English words and he does one of those, "whut eez the word??". Rawsome. Almost as rawsome as Capucine*, but then again, nothing in life is as rawsome as she is.

*if you don't know: and watch away in order to better your life and your understanding of the human experience.

I want to move to France and ride on a motorcycle with her in my side car.

To add to the hilarity of your day: I am currently using one of Livi's old backpacks to carry all of my crap. So, this is me today: my green and red Dunks, UChicago sweat pants, big brown puffy jacket, bright blue backpack filled to the brim with crap, giant sunglasses, and messy hair pulled into a bun. And a diet coke. And a fail. I look like an overgrown kindergartner who has a bad hangover.

I decided to add this extra post to discuss several things that have been pissing me off as I walk up and down Sheridan Road (and yes, I've become bitter and angry in my old age):

1. girls that talk REALLY loudly about how drunk/what stupid shit they did the previous night and/or weekend. I don't care what a slut you are, how many shots you did, or how much your head hurts right now. Not only are you killing a kitten every time you say the words, "but I don't remember who I made out with!!!" but you are also shuffling your Tory Burch flats down the sidewalk in such a slow manner that you are creating a traffic jam when I need to book it over to the Anthro department office for my next class. SHUT UP AND WALK.

2. People that shout to each other across Sheridan Road. Unless it's me and Seth, cause we are never obnoxious or loud.

3. People that bike down Sheridan Road's sidewalk. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR YOU TO DO THAT IN BETWEEN CLASSES. They constantly have to slam on their breaks and end up hitting people (me). MAN UP, PUT ON A HELMET, AND RIDE IN THE STREET LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO.

The President KNOWS WHAT'S UP!

4. Dudes that wear aviators. You look like a douche. Take them off.

...until next time.

Yours in complaining.



  1. whew, i'm exhausted from all that complaining.

  2. i love the last few posts... i laughed so hard Marley came over and tried to bite my arm off. oh... i mean that happens every hour on the hour. am i getting paid enough for this? is anyone even listening to me? does anyone care? (name that movie).

    i miss you katie fine, but i will keep living and dealing with this horrid dog so long as you keep writing.

  3. Oh where, oh where has my Katie blog gone?
    Oh where, oh where can it be?
    With her biting wit, and her french accent...
    Oh where, oh where can she be?

  4. ok, this is getting quite depressing.