Friday, February 13, 2009

King Kong ain't got NOTHIN' on my cupcakes!

Lazy Friday mid-morning...sitting in Kresge...not working...pretending to look busy...eating a chicken-tarragon baguette sandwich and chips...trying not to fall asleep...

Life lesson: never start a baking project with an 11 year old. They will get bored after five minutes and then you'll have to make 65 red velvet cupcakes/65 mini chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate glaze all alone. And then said child will sit in the dining room doing "homework" whilst shouting about skunks getting into the vents. And demanding sips of my diet coke (read: gulps).

I even put the cream cheese frosting into a frosting bag thing and made it swirly like that.

Have discovered a love of baking, and a hatred for creaming sugar and butter.

House sitting in Highland Park this weekend. I like doing stuff like that cause it's super easy money, but it's also slightly uncomfortable. I tend to set myself up in one room and stay there for the rest of the time as to avoid interacting too much with other peoples' stuff. I'm always afraid I'm going to open a closet and discover a cache of diamonds and or/human remains. And maybe a sweatshop being run in the basement.

this is probably NOT legal.

Things that are stupid:
1. Valentine's day

...that is all.

I now feel sick from aforementioned lunch. Chicken tarragon baguette sandwich thing + Dorito's + diet coke = tummy ache and a desire to go lay in bed in the fetal position for a couple of hours.

The good news: I haven't fallen over in the past couple of days.

I have to go to "Culture Origins" and get me some learning...abbreviated entry today but I'll try to do better next time.

Hero of the day: Michelle Tanner, for making my childhood brighter.

I know, it's a cop out, but I'm running late.

Currently listening to: nothing...I'm at "work"
Currently reading: nothing. Any suggestions?
Currently craving: Tums.

Awkward for me.

Peace, Love, and wellness.


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  1. great, i'm coming to chicago this weekend to see two of my nieces, and they're both house-sitting. coincidence?